Wednesday, May 23, 2007

My Moment...

I had insomnia last night, so I didn't get much sleep. I think by the time I actually fell asleep until I woke up was only 3 hours. And the sleep I got was not "quality" sleep.

I really hate when that happens!

I was really expecting today to be me completely knackered, while trying to keep Sam entertained and not loose my cool. However, things didn't go so badly...

It was Josh's end of year school party today. Sam and I went up and met him for lunch, then attended the party. It was really fun! The kids all sang songs they'd done throughout the year in "LIFT" -- Learing Is Fun Times. The songs were so cute and the kids all sang and danced and really got into them! It was fun.

And Sam entertained himself with the dolls in the "home living" corner -- which was good because all this took place at his nap time!

Josh's teacher this year was absolutely wonderful! I keep asking her to move to First Grade, but she won't do it! All the kids got an award of sorts. There was the "Happiest Student" award, the "Daydreamer" award, the "Math" award, etc... I think Josh got one of the best ones. He got the "Qualities of Good Friendship" award because he's everyone's friend in the class! And she said in her eight years of teaching, this was the best behaved class she's ever had!

The teacher also gave us all packets of work for the kids to do over the summer to prepare them for First Grade -- worksheets and sight-words and such, each packet was made specifically for each student and their skill level! She really was a wonderful teacher!

We are going to miss Mrs. Laird!

She also gave us all a CD with pictures of our kids throughout the year so we could see how they'd changed.

Here we are on the first day of school...

... and here is Josh near the end of the school year -- just a few days ago.

I can't believe how he's matured and grown!

So, my moment this week came just a few moments ago when I was looking through the CD of the pictures and the workbook his teacher gave us.

Each and every day, I am in awe of this child. I'm amazed at his thirst for knowledge, his joy in learning, his ability to APPLY what he's learned to his life -- something some adults I know have difficulty with.

This little boy, just 6 years old, has completely captured my heart more and more each day.

It seems just yesterday we were putting him on the school bus.

I can't believe he's going into First Grade soon.

On another note, today was the UEFA Champions League Final. Liverpool played AC Milan and lost 2-1. Apparently, Liverpool out-played Milan, but it just wasn't Liverpool's day. So some of us are in mourning tonight!


  1. What a special treat!!! The CD is a great idea!!

    On another note, my husband too is in mourning over the game...

  2. Congratulations on your Kindergarten graduate!
    It goes by fast, huh?

    I just wrote about preschool graduation this week too.


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