Friday, May 2, 2008

Another Blonde Moment

Conversation with Rich in the car yesterday....

We were driving by the local Irish Pub (that does not do very well) and Rich noticed the beer banners out front...

Rich: Look, they have Dos X's banners up. You think the Irish theme isn't going well so they're turning to an "Irish-Mexican Bar?"

Me: No, I think that's for Cinco de Mayo.

Rich: Oh! Of course! What date is that again?

I'm a bit confused because he already had one blond moment last year. He's not due for another one for at least 2 years.

Me: What? (a bit bewildered)

Rich: What's the date for Cinco de Mayo again? Is that coming up?

Me: Um, the 5th of May, you know Cinco de Mayo...

Okay, in his defense, he is from England and they don't celebrate it there -- although they are always looking for reasons to go to the pub so I'm a bit surprised... but there you go. Not me being blonde for a change!


  1. LOL. Awesome.

    I hear they do not really celebrate the holiday in Mexico...but I celebrate it here every year with some Mexican food and a margarita!

    Bummer that the pub does not do well there...they are the busiest of bars here. Look at this one: Brit's pub:

    Lawn bowling!

  2. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA i think they're spanish illiterate over there too. while i was living there, i had a friend who worked at a TGIFridays, and he said customers would constantly come in and ask what "wackamole" is...hence, "guacamole" LOL wackamole makes me giggle haha!

    in tx, everyone knows what cinco de mayo is haha well i guess everywhere in the US...i suppose it's about like an american being confused about guy fawkes day.

    but this is definitely classic.

  3. Exactly B! Before I lived there, I never heard of "Guy Fawkes" or Fire work night, or even heard the expression, "penny for the guy"!

    And Missy, I've also heard that they don't even celebrate cinco de mayo in Mexico.

  4. LMAO!! OK, he's not from "around here" so we'll let it slide!

  5. Ha! I love stories like this...they make me feel smart.

  6. Very funny. We were out tonight and a restaurant was celebrating Cinco De Mayo this weekend. Ok people. Its the fifth of May... not the second of the third.

  7. Hah! Blonde moment, indeed!

    Blog Hoppin

  8. LMAO!! Well, we all are due a blonde moment every now and then!


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