Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Still Recovering From a Fun Weekend

Wow! What a weekend!

We had some friends come and stay with us this weekend. We met them while we were living in Australia and they are on a whirlwind tour at the moment.

They had just spent a week at Disney and stopped by for the weekend on their way to Vegas, San Fran and Hawaii... So a nice "quiet" weekend with us is what they wanted!

Unfortunately, it rained here on Saturday, but we still had fun. We brought them shopping -- the wine super store, Target, Costco, etc... and then went bowling. Before we left, however, we had to have a quick lesson in Aussie Rules Football -- they brought Josh a real one so they boys played in the rain for a bit...

Playing Aussie Rules

*yes Josh is wearing a Ninja outfit - it was his Halloween costume 2 years ago. He just decided to be a ninja that day. Nothing we could do about it.

In the afternoon, the rain had stopped and it was starting to clear so the kids went outside and played in the creek. The were making "potions."

Potion Making

Potion Making

Needless to say, the kids were FILTHY when they came in!

Sunday was just a beautiful day! We had tickets to the Braves game and boy, was it fun!

Braves Game

Our seats were amazing.
Braves Game

Right down the first base line by the Right Field Foul pole.

Braves Game

It was the perfect spot to watch Chipper Jones' home run!

Our friends got a real kick out of the "Tomahawk Chop" that we do at the games.

Tomahawk Chop

Bringing them to the Braves game was the perfect thing to do. It gave them a real taste of true Americana. They loved watching the people tailgating before the game, having hot dogs and cotton candy, watching the vendors in the stadiums bring food to you! They all had a great time!

We didn't stay for the whole game -- the kids (well Sam anyway) are still a bit young to sit through 9 innings. We did manage to stay for 6 innings though. And we saw lots and lots of runs. The final score that day was Braves 14- Reds 7 so it was a high scoring game!

It was lots of fun, but very tiring. Just ask Sam --


By the time we got home, the kids needed to be revived and what better way than to continue playing in the creek making more "potions" and using the nice Red Georgia Clay for "paint."

The creek is fun

I think it was save to say we all had a good time. Our friends left yesterday morning and we are still recovering from the "relaxing weekend."

About the only thing that didn't work out was I had a (temporary) crown done on Thursday that was really hurting me all day Friday. Saturday evening it fell out and the dentist didn't call back until Sunday while we were at the Braves game. I got a new temporary crown put on yesterday and everything seems to be fine.


  1. That picture of Sam is Priceless!!

    It's always great to have an action packed, fun weekend until it's over, Then your body reminds you that you are getting older and it wants some rest. :)

    Glad everyone had a great time!

  2. Sometimes I wake up and put on my ninja suit too...I mean, who doesn't?

    Looks like such a good time! And I'm so surprised at even lasting 6 innings! Generally I'm toast by then, so WTG Sam for lasting that long!

  3. All the pics are AWESOME! So glad you all had a wonderful time! Now you know Mimi, ya had me smilin til I read about the crown...YIKES!


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