Thursday, May 15, 2008

Rain, Rain, Come and Play!

Today I proved my worth as a mother.

I let fun come first.

I let spontaneity rule.

I let my kids go outside and play in the rain.

Rain, Rain, come and play!

Sometimes you just have to let them be kids. I remember going out and splashing in puddles and playing outside.

It seems like kids these days, or my kids anyway, don't get to go out and play like they used to.

I'm an Army Brat and was raised on Army Posts. There were always packs of kids of all ages roaming around looking for "the new kids."

We played in the rain, we played in the snow, we ran around outside until the street lights came on.

So today when Josh came home from school and wanted to run around in the puddles, I let him.

Rainy days

Sam didn't like it so much but he really wanted to be outside.

Playing in the rain


Josh, the future engineer and/or scientist was conducting experiments by taking rocks and building dams. He wanted to change the course of the water.

Building a dam

He was so busy running around, he would barely stand still for a photo. Here, he's looking at the water move his rocks.

He was talking about how strong the current was to move the rocks. And how "the rocks have to pile up to change the flow of the water" (yes, he used those words, the kid amazes me).

Wet but having fun

In the end, we had to come in because they were soaked to the bone and Sam was cold....

No, I'm not cold

Josh was not happy, he would have stayed out all day. But Sam was cold and coming in.

Wet Boys

Now they are both bathed and playing nicely together (shhh! I didn't say that!)


  1. You rock! My kids would love to do something like that, but our rainstorms usually involve a lot of lightening!

  2. so much fun! i totally contemplated letting adrien do this the other day...but didn't for fear he'd rip open his sandbox and it'd be turned to mud.

    yay for you! :) (and the boys too)

  3. Your a super cool mom! It 's good to let fun come first once in a while. I agree with letting kids be kids!

  4. Way cool momma! Looks like they had a blast!

  5. We did the same thing after dinner. William and I sat on the porch and watched them get soaked. Abby the priss used an umbrella! Dylan got knee high in a puddle.

  6. our kids would love each other....I just adore these pics! :)

  7. I think that is GREAT! I used to love to play in the rain as a kid. Especially those really warm summer rains.

    Yup, let your kids be kids! When we were kids, rainy days meant either playing in the rain or sitting and watching the rain bored out of our skulls. There wasn't much else to do.

    More parents need to encourage running around in the rain versus planting themselves in front of the TV or video games. I think we have too many sedentary indoor options nowadays.

    Way to go!!!!

  8. Playing in te rain was one of my favorite things to do when I was little. My mom would alway slet us run and jump in the puddles.,

  9. I've let my kids play in the rain, too!


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