Friday, May 30, 2008

Last Day at the Beach

We have had a fantastic week at the beach. I can't believe we have to go home tomorrow!

The weather has cooperated with us as well. Yesterday we did have a bit of rain in the morning so we headed off to the Coastal Discovery Museum. We weren't really sure what to expect, but we liked the free admission!

Coastal Discovery Museum

When we got there, it looked like if it hadn't been raining, there would have been lots to see and do outside. But inside we had fun looking at the exhibits and doing the "kids" activities.

Like coloring...

coloring Butterflies

... and doing puzzles...

Coastal Discovery Museum

... and reading the books...

Blow Fish

and we learned that the little holes in the beach are caused by "ghost shrimp." That was worth the trip for us!

When we were done, the rain had moved out and the boys played a quick game of tag...

Coastal Discovery Museum

After lunch we went to the pool at our place and the boys played for quite a while. And in the evening we took a walk on the beach and watched two girls with their body boards surfing in the waves while dolphins swam not 10 feet from them. It was really cool.

This morning, we got all ready to go to the beach. Rich bought Josh a body board at the store this morning so we were very excited to try it out!


... and we got to the beach and there was not a breath of a wind and notice behind Josh, the crashing waves... or lack thereof...


So, a quick game of beach cricket...


And the excitement of the body board was just too much, despite the lack of waves....


And the boys did their best.


Josh was in there for about an hour. He did really well in the end, despite not having many waves.

Now we're getting ready for one last dip in the pool, a barbecue for dinner and then we're heading up to Shelter Cove to see Shannon Tanner on our last night here.

We're off tomorrow, but it's been a fantastic vacation!


  1. Even without big waves, I'm sure the body board was still fun! Sounds like you all had a wonderful vacation, the pictures are great!

  2. Oh.My.Goodness.

    I am driving to South Dakota with my parents this weekend...I think we should drive the other way!

    The coloring picture is my favorite.

  3. Awesome pictures! You should do a beach/vacation/album! Glad you all had a great time!

  4. I love that shot of the three guys walking toward the ocean. Reminds me of my guys.

  5. Great pics!!!

    And you are only 4 hrs from HHI? Did I read that right? How nice. We have a 14 hour drive, but it is so worth it. What a beautiful place.

    So, where exactly do you stay? We always get a house in Sea Pines. We have 6 adults and 7 kids. I probably would rather not all stay together (just a bit too much chaos), but the kids love it.

    I will have to check out that museum. I never heard of it. Sounds cool!


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