Monday, August 18, 2008

Monday, Monday....

*** I realized I forgot to publish this yesterday. I must have been tired. Anyway, here is yesterday's post... I will have another one today...


So after my weekend of nursing a sick little boy, he woke up today happy, cheerful and full of life!

What a relief. Even though he had no fever yesterday, he was completely wiped out! I guess it's understandable though after battling 104 temps the whole day and night before!

It was good he was happy today because we had his "Tea with Teacher" at school today. He starts pre-k3 (pre-k for 3 year olds) on Wednesday.

He's got several friends that have been in his class over the last two years plus quite a few new friends. He clung to my side most of the time, but sure enough, with 10 minutes to go got off my lap and said, "I'm going to go play now Mommy" and went off.

He made a new friend who also likes Lego StarWars and Lego Indiana Jones (but he has a Wii, we just have a PS2, but Sam doesn't know the difference). And the other boy had on green crocs just like Sam. And his favorite colors were green and blue just like Sam. Of course you would think this would be a great friendship in the making. I'm saying they never talk to each other again.

Josh came home from school on Friday and announced he wanted to try out for the 2nd grade Chorus. Apparently it's a big deal to be a part of because you have rehearsal after school and get to sing in performances at the PTSA meetings and around town. I don't know if he'll get in, but he does carry a tune quite well if I do say so myself. He'll be trying out this week and if he gets picked has to start practices next Monday.

So, that was my Monday. Nothing exciting. I still have heaps of laundry to fold and a bathroom or two to clean before my parents come the end of the week.

Anyone want to help?


  1. Here we go again, more things in common. My grandson Adam LOVES the Indiana Jones LEGO game on PS2. My son has it in his room and Adam just wants to go up there all the time. We are going to try to get Star Wars for the XBOX so he can play downstairs and leave Uncle Jimmy alone, lol

    Oh I hope he gets in the chorus.

  2. Glad to hear that Sam's feeling better! And let's not even talk laundry! Even with Al & Jo gone, it still seems to multiply!

  3. Glad Sam is doing better, sounds as though school is going well!!

  4. I'm glad Sam is feeling better, poor thing. He must be excited about starting Pre-k3.

    Good luck to Josh on the chorus front, too!

  5. Chorus! My husband was in the Minnesota Boys choir when he was a lad. You would never guess that knowing him today...or even then I guess. Apparently his music teacher encouraged ti. He like it because of spending time with the choir guys and the trips. I hope Josh gets in and enjoys it!

    Sam is too cute. does he like to fold laundry??

  6. If you do find someone to help, send them my way when you're through with them!

    Glad to hear that Sam is both feeling better and adjusting to the new schedule. Best Wishes for Josh to make it into chorus!

  7. Your shy one sounds like my younger son, Thomas. He is very shy and clingy and almost 6! The first full day of kindergarten is tomorrow so I'm happy and worried and a little sad all at the same time :)


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