Monday, August 4, 2008

Introducing The New Improved Play/Game Room

This weekend we cleaned out the kids playroom to make it more of a big boy playroom/game room.

Here it is "before"....

And here it is "after"....

Aside from the 3 bags of broken or too badly worn toys we threw away, we have a heap to give to charity!

We did move a lot of toys into the kids rooms. Josh has one toy bin in his closet. And Sam has one in his closet and one at the foot of his bed. But they are still no where near to overflowing like they were before.

The boys really love it this way. They've been playing up there most of the day. And even when they wake up in the morning, they go in there, close the door and play -- which is nice for me because they don't make me get out of bed!

Now they can get to the toys they really like to play with. Sam spent almost all of yesterday playing with his GeoTrax. Before it was hidden away at the bottom of the closet. Now, he can see it and bring it out to play with it.

And when we were done, Rich looked around and said, "Hmmm... Darts (it's a magnetic dart board), PS2, Football/Air Hockey table.... all we need is a mini fridge stocked with beer and I'll hang out here."

I hadn't told him what Josh said earlier in the week. Like son, like father!


  1. Wow... I remember doing this too with my kids.

    Too funny about your husbands comment

  2. Very nice job! So funny that your husband wants an ice box too! ;)

  3. The room looks great, I'm sure the boys are going to have lots of fun in there!!

  4. You did an awesome job!! Now they have room to play! :)

  5. Awesome big-boy gameroom! Wish we'd had something like it growing up too!

  6. Cool! My husband often jokes with the kids saying he's going to kick them out of the playroom and make it his own. He wants to add a bar, maybe a game table, some leather chairs and a large screen TV.

    I tell him "Keep dreaming"!

  7. Good for you! We sooo need to do this with our playroom!!

  8. LOL, Men! Small or big they are all the same.

    The playroom looks awesome!

  9. Awesome! We did that a few years ago with the garage. The toys were overrunning the house. We got the garage all finished and nice and then moved all the toys in there. Oh yeah, and dada got himself a bigscreen and a bar to put in there. A "playroom" for all ages!!

    (you won something on my blog! check it out and/or send me your address. congrats!)


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