Thursday, July 31, 2008

Seven going on Seventeen or Sixtyseven?

I'm slowly but surely weeding my way through the playroom and and getting rid of the toys that are never played with, broken or that the kids have out grown.

The boys will each have some toys in their bedrooms, but my plan is to have a major clear out and make it more age appropriate. We have a TV and VCR up there, but they aren't hooked up to the satellite system. This makes it the perfect place for a kids-style "game room."

The plan is to eventually move the PlayStation2 up there and just make it a nice place to hang out.

I was talking to Josh about it the other day and he had his input...

"Just make sure there is an icebox up there full of milk and chips so we can stuff our faces whilewe're playing PlayStation. Okay Mom?"

I'm thinking... "Icebox? No one says icebox anymore?" and "Oh no! What will he want stocked up there when he's in high school?"


  1. hm, i say icebox [sometimes] LOL maybe i'm 67 too haha.

    and milk and chips? interesting combo. i guess it's better than soda and chips -- which would be my pick :)

  2. I'd say he'll have soda in his icebox when he's in high school. My son had coke in his!! The drink that is!!

  3. My kids hate it when I get rid of anything that belongs to them!

  4. Out of the mouth of babes, lol

    As soon as I get rid of as toy, suddenly my grandson is looking for it. Never fails, LOL

  5. LOL at the icebox! And am sure it will be soda he'll want in there as a teen!

  6. Actually we ordered chinese food and watched a movie. Nothing too exciting :) I am very excited for my little niece to get here!!

  7. Where in the world did he hear the word "icebox"? Was he watching a "Leave it to Beaver" rerun or something? That's hysterical.

    And milk and chips... in the icebox. Hmmmm. I don't think the chips taste good that way. LOL

  8. Seriously laughing out loud! Just more proof of how smart Josh is!

  9. Wonder where he heard "icebox?" You're right; no one says that anymore!

  10. I'm doing the same toy purge. Seems like they always play with the same stuff no matter what!

    Icebox? Has he been watching leave it ot beaver? (btw, i need to find those on dvd because I know nol would LOVE that show.)

  11. That is hilarious! Maybe your Mom called it an "icebox" once? This made me remember that my Grandma Sullivan always said "icebox".

    Milk and chips, ha! At least he likes a healthy drink with his chips! lol


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