Thursday, July 10, 2008

Move over Joey Tribiani, Sam's in town

Once upon a Wednesday, two young boys went on a tour of a pizzeria.

At the pizza parlor

There, they saw how pizza was made...

Pizza Guy throwing the 30" pizza crust

Yes, that is a 30 inch pizza!

And after enjoying a slice of their own, there was much merriment with the other children on the tour. Sam even took the opportunity to pick up a girl (or two...)

Hey babe, come here often?
Sam to Kyra: "Hey Babe, How you doin'?"

Stay away from my sister!
Gavin: "Listen Dude, stay away from my sister!"

Go away little bro, I can take care of myself...
Kyra: "Go away baby brother! I can take care of myself!"
Sam: "Score!!!"

Apparently, Kyra had to go powder her nose and get rid of the fruit punch mustache. While she was away, Emma moved in...

How'd you like to come back to my place for milk and cookies?
Sam: "Hey. How'd you like to come back to my place for milk and cookies?"
-- notice Kyra's head coming back in to check them out... "Oh no you didn't just move in on my man...."

The girls leave... probably a group bathroom visit...

Josh comes up to his little brother...

Tips from big brother
Josh: "Hey Sam, can you teach me how to do that?"


And later in the car Josh says to me...

"Mom, did you see how Sam was standing at the pizza place? That's how you stand and talk to someone when you're in love."

This post part of Mrs. Fussypants "Insert Witty Title Here Thursdays" about what you're grateful for.

Me, I'm grateful they are not teenagers yet!


  1. That is hilarious! He's totally got the picking-up-chicks-stance going on there.

  2. The love stance! I have been warned of that! Fantastic post! What a Casanova!

  3. That is was so funny. How precious that you caught it all on film.

  4. It's those blonde boys in glasses - they have all the moves! I am the mother of one too. He is nine now and goes around saying "Hello ladies, which one of you is single?" to MY friends. Last year in school he had 2 secret crushes.

    where does the time go?

    Your boys are handsome dudes, watch out mom! And every dad in town is going to be polishing their shotguns when they start coming around looking for their daughters! ;-D

  5. A little Casanova already! Wow, you will be in trouble once they become teens!

  6. Too funny! Unfortunately for me, mine are teens. :)

    I participated too:

    For your daily dose of vintage goodness & a bit of silliness, stop by Confessions of an Apron Queen

  7. That was the best blog post I read today, I had a son like that. He had all the girls in his glass listed in the order he planned on "asking them out" and they knew it and still agreed. I think it was third grade or something.

    Is it any shock he is the one to have given me my first grandson?

  8. Too funny! It's so cool you caught that all on camera, it's priceless.

  9. how you doin? LOL...Joey sure was da man huh? This cracks me up! Love the pics, the story! Like sitting here watching my own lil episode! It's hysterical!


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