Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My Mom is a Bag Lady

Warning: Shameless bragging of family talent going on...

My mom has a new hobby....

Bag 3: Purple

Making purses.

Bag 4: Blue

She makes the fabric with her felter and then sews them up.

This one is my favorite...

Bag 2: Pink

She is a board member of the local Romeo art gallery, The Starkweather Arts and Cultural Center, and has them on sale there. They're not cheap, but they are beautiful! She had more at the house and I forgot to get pictures of them. And she's got a few in the works. For other views of these purses go to my Flickr page.

She's not the only talented one in the family. My sister is a wonderful potter and has some work on sale at the gallery too... In fact, she's scheduled for a show next May.

Since she lives in the Chicago area, I don't get to raid her stash much so I bought a few pieces while I was there. Only I left them at my parents. But what really smarts... I had to pay retail for my own sister's artwork! ::Sigh::

Here's some of the things she has on sale at the gallery....

And my brother and sister-in-law are very talented artists but they haven't given me any of their work to shamelessly post on my blog.


  1. I don't even want to know how much the bags go for; I know I can't afford them. They're really cute, too:(

  2. I hear you Alicia! I can't afford them either, and I'm her DAUGHTER!

  3. Very pretty bags! I love the pottery too, clearly there is a lot of talent in your family.

  4. Wow, so very talented! I love the blue bag myself and your sister's pottery is beautiful! It must be very exciting to see your families works at a gallery!


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