Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Back Home Again

The kids and I are back home -- we were at my parents for 2 weeks.

We were supposed to come home on Sunday but because God likes to keep me on my toes and remind me to be flexible, our plans had to change, then change again and then again.

The plan was for all of us (3 adults and 5 kids) to go out to brunch on Sunday on the way to the airport, then my mom would take the 3 girls home and my dad would bring the boys and me to the airport. My parents were going to bring the girls to my sister's cottage on Lake Michigan on Monday.

About an hour before we were supposed to leave, my Mom blew her knee out. She couldn't walk and was in severe pain. It was obvious my Dad had to take her to the Urgent Care. Which left me alone with 5 kids trying to figure out how we were going to get to the airport. Needless to say, brunch was out of the question so we didn't have to leave as early (and strangely the kids were more upset about missing brunch than they were that Grandmother had to go to the hospital!)

I called a neighbor and we sorted everything out. Neighbor's son-in-law was going to drive us to the airport around noon and neighbor's daughter was going to babysit.

Then my parents came home before we were to leave and we were just re-adjusting our plans when Rich called to say my flight was delayed. By 4 hours. I called the airline and found out I still had to be there at the original time (even though I had already checked in on line). Their reason was because the flight could end up leaving at any time and I needed to be there.

Now, I don't know how many of you have ever been to the airport in Flint, Michigan (I'm guessing not many), but there is NOTHING to do there. There is one place to eat (that is average at best) and one shop. I think there must only be 10 gates. It's tiny. I decided it would be worse to try and entertain my kids at the airport for who knows how long than to change our flight until Monday at noon.

Then my sister decided that it would be best for her to come pick up the girls on Sunday because my Dad would have a long day on Monday bringing us to the airport and then driving 3 hours to West Michigan and back.

Last year our flight home was delayed for several hours and then eventually canceled. I didn't want a repeat of that situation.

In the end, things worked out. I took the boys to see Wall E in the afternoon and then we went to dinner with my parents. It was nice and relaxing and quiet with out all the girls there as well!

So we are home now. We got home in time to enjoy the afternoon and we got the kids in bed at a decent hour (for a change). Watched a movie on TV and had a nice relaxing evening! It's good to be home!

Last week was a zoo. It was fun, but 5 kids like to play and run around and make noise. I'll try to update what we did over the next few days. We had some funny conversations with cute kids and we had fun!


  1. Holy geez! That's some serious scheduling craziness. I hope you're mom is feeling better; knee injuries are awful.

    It sounds like you had a wonderful (and LOUD) trip. I'm sure you miss your parents, but I bet you're even happier to be home.

    I'm glad you stopped in on my blog. I was hoping to hear from you:)

  2. Actually I have been to the Flint, MI airport and you're right--it sucks in a most outstanding manner. I used to fly in and out of MI quite a bit and always tried really hard never to have to go thru Flint.

  3. Wow, sounds like you need some rest to recoup from your vacation!

    The airport sounds like the Michiana (border of Michigan & Indiana) airport - Very small, nothing to do. Luckily you were able to change your flight!

    Was Wall-E good? My daughter wants to see it so bad!


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