Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Friday Photo Challenge on Tuesday

I have some friends I met through Maya's Mom that have started their own blogs. As part of it, they pick someone each week to come up with a photo challenge. This time, it was Jae's turn.

She wanted everyone to take a picture of something that was not our family and write a haiku about it.

Since I'm slow, it took me until Tuesday to do the Friday challenge, but hey, better late than never!


Sticky, Hot, sweaty
The pool looks so refreshing
Oh the cool water!

Only I have to say, the water in our pool is anything but cool... but at least it's wet!

** If you'd like to play along on your blog, just leave a comment below with a link...***


  1. yeah mimi, i hear you on the pool! when it's more like bathwater than pool water :-) good haiku!

  2. Great haiku and I love that picture. That pool looks so inviting. I'm trying to ignore the part where you say the pool is anything but cool...don't ruin the fantasy for me!

  3. You have a pool??!?!? Lucky.

  4. Oh great picture of the pool, when can I move in? I don;t need a room I'll sleep right in the pool ok?

  5. That looks very refreshing!!


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