Monday, July 28, 2008

The Great Vegetarian Experiment

Last week, we agreed that, if Josh wanted, he could try being a vegetarian on Friday. This is came about because he didn't want to eat his dinner said he didn't want to "kill animals."

So he woke up on Friday and was very excited about his "meat free" day.

But somehow, I'm not quite sure he gets the idea....

Me: "Josh, what do you want for breakfast? Cereal? Toast? Eggs?"

Josh: "How about bacon? Is that vegetarian?"

Um... no.

He settled for Fruit Loops and Fresh fruit salad.

About 10:00 he comes to me...

"Mom, can I have a turkey and pickle sandwich?"

Me: "Josh, that's not vegetarian, remember?"

Josh: "OOOHHHH! I only wanted to be vegetarian at breakfast, lunch and dinner... Not at snack time!"

In the end he settled for some pickles and some cheese.

He did have tuna at lunch time, and while I know that's not strictly vegetarian, there are a lot of vegetarians that eat fish so we let that slide. Sam did much better with a grilled cheese sandwich.

And then at dinner the boys had bean and cheese burritos. Josh told me he liked them better with meat.

So, I don't quite think he's ready to give up eating meat, but he did give it a good go.

At the end of the day we were talking about his vegetarian day. I asked him how he liked it.

Josh: "Mom, Vegetarians sure do get to eat good food!"

Me: "Yes, well, you don't have to be a vegetarian to eat vegetarian foods. If you want, we can do it once a week."

Josh: "Yeah, I think I could do it once a week..... Can I do it on the nights you have turkey for dinner?"

Um, no. But he gets points for trying.


  1. LOL! Not at snack time! I am still so proud of him and you for the educational opportunity. I say I could never be vegetarian because I love BBQ sauce. Some of my best friends are vegetarians though.

  2. Josh is too cute with what he says!! Looks like he needs his meat a bit longer yet!!

  3. What Josh doesn't like Turkey dinner??? LOL

  4. What a great way to teach him about being a vegetarian. I agree th anonymous. He is a doll!

  5. Both of my kids will eat chicken and sometimes turkey, my daughter will also eat bacon, but no other meats - no matter how hard I push for them to try them. The problem with that is,they are not very fond of veggies either!

    Although Josh may not have the concept down, he does seem to eat well!

  6. James LOVES soy meatballs. We have soy quite a bit in our house and he doesn't know the difference. Garden Burger makes some great meal starters (for fajitas or burritos), soy crumbles (for tacos or spaghetti), and veggie burgers for the grill. Try them sometime. The boys might like it.

  7. Hilarious! I love that you had him stick to it and that he did it! What do you mean...lunch meat has meat in it!? :)


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