Monday, July 14, 2008

Lazy Weekends....

We had another one of those weekends where we didn't do much of anything.

Saturday was nice so Rich got out and did some yard work. The boys and I did nothing. In fact, I stayed in my PJ's almost all day. I changed out to go to the grocery store but that is all I did.

It rained all day Sunday. I know we need rain. I know we need it badly, but seriously... does it have to come all at once?

It was one of those weekends when the boys wore their clothes to bed on Friday night and they were still in the same clothes Sunday when I put them to bed. Shameful, I know, but they were happy.

All day Sunday they played well together. They were playing with the stuffed animals (of all things) All.Day.Long! At one point they put on the PS2, but got bored.

On Saturday, Josh found a game on MiniClips and played it most of the day. On Sunday while the "stuffed animals were sleeping" he and Rich were glued to the game. It's right up their alley... It's called "Magic Pen" and the object is to draw a series of shapes to move a round ball through and around obstacles to reach a red flag. It was fantastic to listen to Josh explain his "contraptions" and theories about how he was going to move the red ball. At one point, he got stuck and Rich came to "help" -- Rich spent most of the afternoon playing the game!

We did have one HUGE milestone this week.

It is something that's been a long time in the making. Let me warn you, it wasn't pretty. There were tears -- Sam is still upset. It will take some getting used to, but we're all the better for it -- at least that's what I keep telling Sam.

This, for Sam, was bigger and more difficult than Potty Training.

We got rid of the sippy cups.

bye bye sippy cups!

Insert Mommy's happy dance here!


  1. Awwww, poor Sam. No more sippies. Luckily kids are very resillient; in a few weeks, he'll be like, "What's a sippy?"

  2. Congrats on the sippies! Sam will be over it soon and loving his big boy self.

    You might want to check out the Cyberchase Inventor's Workshop game on (
    It's a lot like the game you described and really fun, your boys might like it.

  3. My grandson often stays in the same clothes, we are in the house a lot, why not.

    All those sippy cups in the garbage? I am sad. LOL. They look so bright and cheerful, but not happy in the garbage.

    Now I need to go check out these inventor games.

  4. Ooh, I love days when we don't change out of our jammies!

    I think I was more upset thatn my youngest to see the sippy cups go. She is somewhat clumsy and I was not looking forward to cleaning up all the spills! Congrats to Sam for becoming such a big bouy!

  5. Sounds like a nice weekend. (We were mostly home, too, but the boys did not get along!) My boys play on Miniclip often--I'll have to show them that game!

  6. Wow. Getting rid of sippy cups is HUGE. Hope it goes well. We got rid of ours too early and I had to go buy more.... ugh.

  7. Love those lazy weekends! For us, they are very few! Either my fam is visiting or DH's fam! And Yah for Sam, what a BIG BOY!! Yep, yep, another milestone!!

  8. That sounds like a fabulous weekend. I love lazy rainy days and hey, no shame in being in pjs all weekend long. :)

    And hooray for getting rid of the sippys. Those things are such a pain to wash.


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