Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A New Post Because My Mom Wants an Update

Yesterday was Josh's first day of school.

We had a little "getting out of bed" issue in the morning. All summer long both boys have been getting up between 5:30 and 6:00 -- occasionally they have "slept in" until 6:30 (thankfully they entertain each other and not me).

But of course yesterday I had to go wake Josh up at 6:00 for school. He gets up, goes potty, comes back, gets back under the covers and informs me he is "not going to school today."

I'll let you guess who won that discussion.

He seemed to have a really great day. He's still telling me things that happened. I always try to pry information out of him and get the inevitable, "I don't remember."

But if I let him be, he always tells me what happened in his own time at his own pace. You'd think I'd learn!

Apparently, he made a new friend that is "really funny!" and his lunch table is next to some of his friends from the neighborhood and class last year, so he's happy.

Today, the second day of school, he had a long awaited dermatology appointment. His eczema has been worse than ever this summer -- and that's bad. I brought him to his normal doctor two and a half weeks ago and she recommended we go to a dermatologist to help control it. Meanwhile, she gave us a 'scrip for yet more products to help control it and they seemed to be working. The eczema was better -- but still bad!

The whole trip today was just frustrating. We got there 15 minutes before our appointment (like they recommend) and then sat there -- me with two children in a waiting room that is NOT kid friendly -- for an hour!

Finally, we were taken back to be seen and the doctor seemed a tad put off by the kids because they were antsy. And in the end he didn't really help at all. Just gave us another prescription for another type of cream and told us, "well, it doesn't seem to be that bad...." Um yes but two and a half weeks ago when I tried to get in it was REALLY bad and bleeding....

It just really irked me. The main reason we were going there was because we have so many partial tubes of stuff that either half work, don't work, sting badly (and I know they do because I've used them on me), work for a while then stop working, or work great then I stop using it (because it's a steroid) and the eczema comes back immediately.

I just want something that will keep it under control most of the time.

You should see his poor hands and feet! They hurt just to look at.

So at any rate, we have yet another prescription to try and yet another combination of creams, lotions and ointments (yes, there is a difference) and a new plan of when to apply what type of medicine to see what works.

I dropped him off at school just as his class was getting out of lunch (at 11:00! Thankfully I gave him a sandwich in the car) and he finished the day at school and was just as excited about school today as he was yesterday! Yippee!

He and Sam are happy as clams playing on the PlayStation2 at the moment!


  1. Why do Drs do this, it's not fair making you wait an hour, then to tell you it's not bad is crazy!!

    Glad school is going well though!

  2. I'm glad he is enjoying school. How frustrating that the dr. left you waiting for so long then didn't really give any answers.

  3. Poor Josh! Sometimes my eczema gets to the point of cracking and bleeding - I know it's not fun!

    I think that how children feel about school when they are little, stays with them as they get older. My son is very accepting of it and deals with it. My daughter on the other hand... is quite the opposite.

  4. Awwwww, poor lil guy! Am sorry he's having to deal with all of that so young!

    Glad to hear the first 2 days of school went well!

  5. I have the psoriasis too and have yet to find anything that works, except sun and chlorine from the pool. But In NY I don;t get much of that for sure.

    Glad your mom wanted the update, I wanted one too.

  6. Hooray for good first day of school!

    My son has excema as well, and this summer has been bad on him too. But he sees a pediatric dermatologist, who is great with every kid she encounters. Maybe your regular doc can refer you to an area ped-dermatologist. :)

  7. My kids love their PS2, also!

  8. My husband's eczema sounds similar, and we have like a million 1/2 tubes of stuff for the same reasons you do. Honestly, the only thing that helps keep his hands at least moisturized (and therefore they crack and bleed less) is Cetaphil lotion. You can get it anywhere. Ellie has mild eczema, and the Cetaphil takes care of any dryness she has, as well. I even use it because it's just so luxurious.

    Harry did get a new script that seems to be working better; I'll check and see what it's called for you.

  9. Auh, I am glad he likes school. Sean had his first day today. I can't wait to hear how it went. It's killing me.

    You would think Dr.s would be more patient as they are in the business of CARING for people. I hope the prescription works this time!

  10. Its hard to get much info out of boys at any age, isn't it!? LOL~
    The skin things are so frustrating! My husband has psoriasis and the dermatologist consistently gives him different creams, lotions, and whatnot, and nothing seems to really help. It's very difficult to deal with so I feel for your little guy!

  11. I'm glad he is loving school. That's great!

    Eczema is awful! Sorry you all had to wait that long in the drs. office. That's ridiculous. I'm not a very patient person and the older I get the more I speak up about it! lol

  12. Where have you been?! Haven't heard from you lately! Check my blog. My sister had her baby. You won the guessing game :) Too bad I don't have a prize to send you but you do get bragging right!!

  13. Oh, the First Week of School Blues! We start school in 2 weeks--I think I'm going to want to crawl under the covers myself! BTW, The Scholastic Scribe is back online today. Please make sure to drop by tomorrow to Share the Caption Love in another HighLARious Silly Summer Sunday Sweepstakes!


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