Friday, January 4, 2008

Chip off the Old Block

Rich got a new guitar amp for Christmas and he played it for me the other day.

Rich playing with his new toy, me playing with mine...

He loves music. He sings to himself all the time. He's passed his love of music on to his children.

Over Christmas Sam would sit and watch the little "scene" and singing the songs he knew. Of course when I started videoing him, he stopped singing, but I think you get the idea here.

And Josh wrote a song yesterday....

*** Edited to add:

Since B doesn't have sound on her computer, I thought I'd put the words to Josh's song down here so those that are not able to enjoy his dulcet tones can still enjoy his writing ability, although I have cleaned up the spelling too...

The first day of my life was a cool day
I had a lot of fun
While growing up (here he changes the page)

fun on my birthday
fun on the holidays
Those are the great days! (here he changes the page)

The neatest days are the days I am playing!
It is really fun when I play with my (changes page)

Friends! (Then he plays music at the end)


  1. Aw. So fun and cute!

    I wish I had sound on this computer so that I could hear it.

  2. You got some talent over there...lets not forget Auntie Vanessa when they make it big, a few tickets and autographs will do...Thanks!

  3. He's going to take after his Dad for the music!! Very talented, love the song!!

  4. OMG! Josh's song is too cute! I love that he had to keep changing the pages.

  5. HAHA! Thanks for posting the words :)

    I was definitely missing out without the words!

    I especially love how the word "Friends" gets it own page lol You've got yourself a budding rock star, I think.

  6. OMG! They are so adorable! I love that they love music! That is wonderful!

  7. I cannot wait to buy the album!


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