Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Updates Galore!!!

I know I've missed out a few days. Sorry! I've been cold. Way too cold. Our heating can't handle it and it's been 61 degrees in our house the last few days. Mom, you'd love it! Me, not so much! I'm cold, cold, cold....

So, first news. My niece Leah is (was) pregnant and had been having lots of bleeding and such. She was hospitalized about a week ago at one of the top hospitals in London for premature births and complicated pregnancies. Well, 2 nights ago, Leah started to bleed heavily so she was rushed to delivery and delivered a 1lb 6oz baby girl (Lacy) at 25 weeks. Leah seems to be doing better since delivery, but the doctors were very worried about her health and that of the baby. Lacy is in an incubator, but she's breathing on her own and moving around. Leah will probably be going home sometime soon.

Yesterday, Sam had an ophthalmologist appointment. It's his annual eye exam. Apparently he's doing great. The doctor said that if his progress continues there is a very real possibility he won't need glasses after age 12. He decreased the prescription strength for Sam's lenses and decided that we only need to go in twice a year -- once with the doctor and once with the optical therapist. Yay!

And I had Josh's teacher conferences yesterday. No surprises there -- he's doing great! He got all "E's" (top marks for 1st grade), but he needs to work on his handwriting. And the teacher thinks he should be doing some AR (accelerated reader) tests to improve his reading comprehension. His comprehension is very good, but we're looking for ways to challenge him. He's been reluctant to do them because he says they are "boring" and he's afraid he's not going to get the answers right. So, I've spoken with him and we decided he needs to do two a week. Right now, I don't care about the "score" but he needs to start doing them. He's also been chosen to be in the PE show at next month's PTA meeting. He's excited about that!

And just to leave you with a cute "awwww" story, Josh put Sam to bed on Saturday night (just for fun). I listened outside the door...

Josh was reading Sandra Boynton's "Doggies" book to Sam. Very cute!!!

Josh: Okay Sam. It's time for bed.

Sam: Okay Josh (says Dosh)

Josh: Do you want me to put you to bed tomorrow?

Sam: OH WOW!!! YEAH!

Josh: Okay, now we'll just have a little cuddle. Okay Sammy, I have to go down stairs now and see Mommy and Daddy.

Sam: Okay Josh. Night night.

Josh gets up to leave and sees me at the door waiting with Pooh (Sam forgot him).

Me (talking very quietly): Josh, here, give this to Sam and take his glasses off!

Josh: Oh, yeah.

Of course this was all too good to be true... 10 minutes later I found Sam hiding under the dining room table! So I brought him up and put him back to bed. But is was so cute!!!


  1. First, I hope that Leah and Lacy are alright! How scary to deliver a baby so early, 25 weeks, yikes!

    Second, hurray that Sam got a lighter prescription for his glasses and hurray to Josh for doing so well in school!

    Lastly, you story was uber cute! I can't wait for my boys to get to the age where that kind of stuff happens!

  2. That must have been very scary for Leah, I will be keeping both Leah & Lacy in my thoughts.

    Great for Sam, that is definatley good news. Also Josh doing so well in School. I love the story on Josh putting Sam to bed, too cute!!

  3. I will keep your niece and her baby in my prayers.


    Great news about Sam's eyes and Josh's grades!

    Very sweet boys you have there!

  4. Sorry to hear about your niece and her daughter. What a truly frightening situation they're in. Lacy sounds like a fighter so far. I hope they're both ok.

    Great news on the ophthalmologist front. I'm crossing my fingers that Sam will be out of glasses in a few years. Glasses suck. And great job for Josh! As for the handwriting? Tell his teacher that when he's older, people will be typing everything out anything and the need for nice penmanship will be obsolete. So, ha!

    And OMG, that is the cutest story EVER. You just made me want to have another child so I can try to recreate that scenario myself. And I currently have a crazy two year old, so that's saying a lot.

  5. It's absolutely amazing that a baby that small is breathing on it's own! Miraculous. I'll keep her and baby in my prayers. They have great docs in the UK.

    And your bedtime story is so cute :)

  6. Such a sweet story.

    I hope your niece's baby girl keeps getting better and so your niece, thanks for sharing. =0)

  7. Prayers and positive thoughts to Lacey and Leah! and definitely an awww moment between the boys.

  8. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.....sweet, sweet boys ya got there momma!

    And I too will keep the new baby in my prayers!

  9. Very cute story about the boys... I will def. keep Leah and Lacy in my prayers. I am glad that they are both ok.

  10. Great updates!! I hope your niece's health and the babies keeps improving. Such a tiny little baby but she sounds strong. Hopw all goes well


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