Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Puzzles & Contests

To be eligible, we just have to post the following graphic and link to Wuzzles & Puzzles...

Now, I think you all know that Josh is smart and loves puzzles. I have a confession here. I love puzzles too.
I had a very quick look at the site and it looks pretty cool. Lots of puzzles for all ages.
Their site says, "place for anyone age 10 and up to test their brain and skills with word and math puzzles, mazes, brain teasers and more. We are happy to provide you hours and hours of printable, thinkable fun. We have more than 1100 free printable puzzles for you to test your brains on."
I know it says 10 and up, but I think Josh would like to do some of these puzzles too.


  1. Thank you for this link. It has some GREAT stuff.

  2. Cool! I love puzzles too and am headed over there now!

  3. everyone loves a good puzzle! :) i'm a sucker for them too!

  4. How fun. My boys are too young but I will keep my fingers crossed that you win!


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