Thursday, January 10, 2008

Josh on Target!

Josh came home from school yesterday very excited!

He had his first day in the gifted program.

He talked about it all afternoon. He only went for half a day this week -- next Wednesday he will be there all day. He has several friends that are in the class with him -- including one boy that is in his class and lives in our neighborhood.

It was great to see him so excited about it. He said it was fun, but some things were hard. And he said he missed recess, but didn't care because it was so much fun!

I'm really pleased he's so excited about it. He does really well in school, but he does need the extra challenge. Going one day a week should be good too. This way he still gets to be with his friends in his regular class most of the time, but he also gets to feel special and go meet some new kids that are on the same wave-length as he is.

It's funny when I watch him play with kids his own age. This may sound like a strange thing to say, but I can tell he's just a bit smarter or has a different learning style than other kids. He has a way of applying what he learns to all areas of life. Something I know some adults have difficulty with.

So, I guess we'll just have to "watch this space" and see how things progress.

I really hope he continues to like the program!


  1. Yay Josh! And yay Mom for raising a super smart kid! Tell him not to make the other children feel TOO stupid.

  2. Good for Josh, it sounds as though he will enjoy this new class!

  3. so glad he's enjoying it and excited!

  4. Great News! That's how it was for my son as well and he has continued to flourish in the program.

    I am so glad the Josh is enjoying it!

  5. Yahh for Josh! I knew he'd do well! Another exciting chapter for him and all of you! Be proud-momma!!

  6. Yay Josh! That's so awesome! I'm glad to hear he's enjoying it so far.

  7. You GO, boy! Love of learning will help him all his life!

  8. That's great that he likes it!

    Why don't they get recess though? I mean, smart kids need playground equipment too lol

  9. That is so exciting. I am glad he likes it. My biggest fear is that SM will come home one day and not like school anymore.


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