Friday, January 18, 2008

Finding the Right Spot!

Sam has been a bit reluctant at school to do some of the "work." And by work I mean coloring and painting and such. You know, the little activities they have that help teach the kids their letters, numbers, shapes, colors and that sort of thing.

He's come home with several blank pieces of construction paper and a note saying he didn't want to do it.

Now, he is only in pre-pre-pre-school so it's not THAT big a problem, but it is something that I fear could foreshadow problems in the future. So today I told him he HAD to do ALL the work his teachers asked him to do. He was under strict instructions to do his work! I even spoke to the teachers and told them they need to be firm and tell him he has to do the work.

Apparently, it worked. He had a great day and come home with a few pictures. AND he got to make a Cheerios Birdfeeder that he was VERY excited about. We hung it up as soon as we got home.

It took a while for him to find the "right spot."

Let's try it here!

Let's Try Here!

Nope. How about here?
Maybe here?  No....

No, that's not it. How about here.... How about here?  No.....

No, that's not good. I know, how about here...


This is where he said... "It looks Beautiful There! But that's not where I want it!"


FINALLY! It was "Perfect!" But I think that was mostly because I was cold and told him he had to leave it there!


  1. That is so good, He worked hard at that!!

  2. Look at the pride in his work that shines on that sweet face.....Awesome!! Hugs SIssy

  3. Aw, so sweet!

    In the last photo, he's looking a little older already!

  4. Alright! Lil' man found his sweet spot! LOL, LOVE IT!!

  5. adorable. sometimes it just takes a little nudging... Glad he had fun at school. That bird feeder is cute. I might have to steal that project idea!

  6. I really like that project idea, too! What's the base of the ring, just some string and it's tied in a loop?

    We have a bird feeder on our back deck and James loves to watch the birds. We have quite a few of them. He's not that quiet though and usually ends up scaring them off! Oh well... he's only 2 1/2.

  7. you've got such a little thinker on your hands! i love how indecisive he was about the perfect spot :)

    i think you have a budding genius or something. you know, they're always wanting to go about their own way of doing things.

  8. lol He obviously was quite proud of himself and his birdfeeder to be so choosy on where to place it! I'm so glad he had a great day and that will turn into more great days!!


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