Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Me being crafty

I'm not the "artist" in our family. My brother and sister are both wonderful artists. They can draw, and write really well. My sister does the most beautiful pottery ever. I have no artistic talent. But that's not entirely true...

I learned to knit when I was an exchange student in Norway. Everyone there knits, at least all the women. When I was in school it was the norm for the girls to be knitting in class and taking notes at the same time.

Anyway, when I was there I learned to knit. I didn't ever really do much -- a few pairs of socks and a sweater or two -- but the sweaters were just basic and I had someone to help me.

After reading one of B's journals last year I was inspired to start it up again. Have a craft or creative outlet other than the blog for me. So, I bought a book called "One Skein Wonders" that I thought would be a good re-introduction to knitting. Small
projects that I can complete quickly.

And it is a great book! The first thing I made was a cell phone carrier that is in the book. It was easy and Josh liked it so I gave it to him. No, he does not have a cell phone!

Then I made the Lotus Purse because I liked the way it looked. Here's a picture of the finished project.

I used Paton's Chunky Shetland Tweed for it and I love the way it looks with this pattern.

And Josh liked it too. But he wanted blue and he wanted a it big enough for his Nintendo DS. And he wanted it blue. And he wanted it to be more "boy."

So, I took the cell phone carrier pattern from the book, made it bigger and used the "knit 1 slip 1" pattern from the Lotus Purse and this is what I came up with (Sam wants one now):

Then I found a Wine Gift Bag pattern on How fun is that?! For this I used Paton's SWS "Natural Geranium" Wool/Soy blend yarn. I love the way this looks! I have a friend who likes to keep her red wine in the fridge. Strange, I know. I'll be giving her this "wine sweater" with a bottle of wine for her birthday. I think it's just too cute! I will definitely be doing this one again!

And, I found the most amazing yarn/knitting store right in my little town. There is so much yarn and knitting paraphernalia there it's incredible. And they give lessons. Rich wants me to knit him a sweater and I'll probably need help, so I think I'm going to sign up for lessons probably next month or in March.

So this is me being crafty!


  1. Look at you! Wow, you picked knitting back up really fast! Good for you!

  2. i wish i could grandma tried to teach me but no doing.

    no crocheting or knitting for this gal.

    love the projects!

  3. See, and you thought you weren't crafty!! Oh yes you ARE!! Very beautiful, nicely done! You GO girl! LOVE IT!

  4. You are definitely an artist. These are beautiful.

  5. I so want to get back into knitting. I love the projects you've completed so far. My sister would go crazy over that wine bottle sweater. It's so cool!

  6. You are very artistic! It makes me feel like doing something creative too!

  7. Wow! Glad to inspire!

    That stuff is the cutest ever! And how 'bout that wine bottle cover? That's nifty! I so need the one skein book -- my MIL gave me a basket full of yarn she had -- of course there's no two skeins alike.

    I wish I had your drive. I've started countless scarves...none of them are finished LOL Yay for you!

  8. Yay you! These are awesome! It looks like you're...oh, I don't know...practicing for a sweater for your husband? Keep it up. Knitting's a great way to relax (if you can get over the carpal tunnel syndrome you eventually develop).

  9. Very cool! Can't wait to see the sweater!


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