Monday, March 10, 2008

And the Cast is.....

Liverpool RED!!!

Liverpool Red!

And he's even started to decorate it!


This one says, "I love you Family!"

"I Love You Family"

And now for the update from the Orthopedist... Well the P. A. anyway...

They took two more x-rays because the ones from the ER yesterday didn't clearly show a break. They knew there was one there, thought because of a fluid sack around the elbow that is only really ever present when there is a break.

So we went back for two more x-rays. Josh did really well. I could tell it really hurt him, but he was ever-so brave!

Sure enough, the P.A. was able to see a break at the base of the humorous. The break goes clean through the bone, so we have to make sure the bones don't become mis-aligned. Apparently, there is a very, very small chance of that happening. They want to keep an eye on the break and how it's healing. We go back in a week for more x-rays.

He's under strict orders for no jumping, falling, monkey bars, P. E. or general rough housing. In other words, he's not supposed to act like a seven year old boy!

But, she said he'd only need the cast for 3 weeks assuming all goes well.


  1. I feel so sorry for him,thats gonna be
    really hard on him,to be still for three weeks!!

  2. poor guy - but the red is awesome!

  3. WHOA! What a break! I hope he can be tough and stick to those rules!

    This makes me think of Jem Finch in To Kill a Mockingbird...remember how he had a funny broken arm?

    I also broke 4 parts of my hand when I was 10 and I did not follow the was track and field in gym and while everyone was off running I jumped on the high jump mat (so tempting and fun!). I ended up whacking myself in the forehead with my cast and I needed stitches! Totally caught in the act!

  4. Liverpool is the team my Son supports!! Hope all goes well for Josh, bless him!

  5. wow! only 3 weeks? he lucked out as far as broken bones go! i had a cast on for 6 weeks!

  6. The red looks great, especially with the personalized drawings! Poor little guy, I still cringe when I think about him sitting with it broken while at his friend's house. I will certainly keep him in my prayers as I know how hard it will be for a boy his to be careful. :)

  7. I love the color! Poor guy. But 3 weeks doesn't sound too bad. At least he will be ready to go when summer vacation comes. I broke my hand summer after 3rd grade and spent most of the summer with the cast on. It was awful.

  8. Poor Josh - love the color!


  9. Poor guy. I'm glad he was such a trooper about the x-rays and yay on the 3 week estimate on the cast. Although 3 weeks of not being able to act your age does sound a little daunting. I've got my fingers crossed for a quick recovery for him.

  10. Ouch! Hope he heals up quickly! Will a cast get me out of work for 3 weeks? hmmm...

  11. LUV the red!

    (you'll get a kick out of this)...I just told Sheila yesterday that I haven't see you post anything 'new' since Josh's break....DUH, I had 'saved' that and kept coming back to it...I needed to save the 'whole' blog, DUH!! LOL, anyway....I haven't forgotten aboutcha, now I need to catch up! LOL


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