Monday, March 31, 2008

Birthday Review

Well, we had a GREAT Weekend! We didn't do much but it was nice just the same.

It was my birthday on Saturday and Rich and the boys let me sleep in! Best birthday present EVER!

When I woke up, they'd already been to the grocery store to get stuff for breakfast, a balloon and flowers for me!

They were so sweet! Of course we HAD to open presents as soon as I got up! Really -- the boys wanted to, not me! I had to stop Sam from opening them with out me.

I got a book I'd wanted, "Shopaholic and Baby," two DVD's -- Enchanted and Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium. Although they were actually for the kids.

I got some chocolate (yummy Lindt truffles, my favorite!),

And a new iPod Shuffle in blue!

It looks like this:

I love it because it clips on to my clothes. I have an old style shuffle too - but when I ran I had to hide it in my bra. I used this when I ran this morning (for the first time in 2 months) and it was great!

The rest of the day we just lazed about and did stuff together. The weather wasn't great so we didn't get outside like we'd hoped. In the evening we ordered Thai food (yum) and had that when the kids were in bed. We opened some nice wine we'd been saving and watched a movie.

Birthday's when you turn 41 and have 2 little kids at home are much different to birthdays when you're younger and in college. But you know what, I loved it! It was the perfect way to spend my day!

In other news....

The tooth fairy is going to be broke soon! Josh lost yet another tooth last week. That's 3 teeth in as many weeks!

And he has another one that is about to fall out!

I tell ya. He's rich and we're poor!

He did do something so sweet today. His school is having a "sticker relay" to raise money for some cancer fund raiser. They are having a contest between the classes to see who can raise the most money by buying stickers -- they are 25 cents each. I told him I'd give him a dollar and he asked if he could bring more than that.

When I asked him if he wanted to contribute a dollar from his own money, he offered the $2 the tooth fairy left him!


So then I told him I would match his contribution and give $2 too.

Do you know what he did? He contributed $3! Of his own money! I think that is just about the sweetest thing ever!

He makes me so proud!


  1. Oh how sweet is he!!???

    And Happy Birthday!! Rock that iPod!

  2. Sounds like a great birthday to me!

    Cool iPod Shuffle! My kid's MP3 players have clips as well, but mine in old fashioned and I have to tuck it away. *sigh*

    Josh's compassion warms my heart and brings a smile to my face. So Sweet!

  3. Your boys sure know how to warm a heart! How sweet!

    Hey, Happy Belated Birthday!!!! I'll soon be 41 too!

    And Kel has the exact same Ipod!! Cool!

    So glad you had a nice, relaxing birthday!

    Luv & Miss ya girly : )

  4. What a nice birthday! Great gifts! I bought the Enchanted movie too and I think it was more for me than my daughter.

  5. I'm jealous! :) Happy birthday!!!

    And the Thai sounds FAB!

  6. Happy belated birthday!

    I have the clip-on shuffle and just LOVE it. It is perfect for what I need it for - just running or being at the gym. I clip in on my shorts under my shirt and barely know it is there.

    And yes, you have a very sweet little boy there!!!!


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