Thursday, March 20, 2008

Back in the Land of the Living

I finally seem to be on the mend!

I tell you, it's no fun being a Mom and being sick.

I came to the conclusion that the reason women go through 12 weeks of morning sickness while pregnant is to prepare us for when we are sick-mommies. We still have to function even though all we want to do is crawl into bed! I tell you what, I'm glad that's over! And I hope the others in the house escape it (although Sam was up all night with a stuffy nose).

We had an appointment at the orthopedists yesterday for Josh's arm. They took the x-ray right through the cast! Josh was very impressed with that. And relieved that he got to keep his cast with all his cool artwork and signatures!

Luckily everything looks good -- there was no slippage. He gets the cast off in 2 weeks and then 2 weeks after the cast comes off, the P.A. said he should be "good as new."

In "other Josh News" he's about ready to make the toothfairy go broke. He lost a tooth earlier this month and has 2 others that are teetering on the edge! He had a dentist appointment on Tuesday and one tooth is so loose, I'm a bit annoyed they didn't just pull it!

It's funny to watch him eat. His teeth are either loose or out so he's eating out of one side of his mouth.

Sam just amazes me these days. He's developing so rapidly right now. It seems just yesterday he would just scribble on paper, now he's making an effort to color properly. He still goes all over the page, but he's making the effort. And he "writes" now. It's just small lines and circles, but you can see he's trying to make the letters.

He's always been very independent. Everyday he seems to do more and more by himself. Yesterday he actually put the toothpaste on the toothbrush -- without painting the sink like Josh still does -- and brush his teeth all by himself. I was so impressed!

The other day, I must not have been paying enough attention to him have been too busy scrubbing the bathroom with a toothbrush. I looked up and saw...

I can do it!

He'd pulled a chair across the kitchen so he could get into the fridge and reach the last Go-gurt!

Got it!

(a screw fell out of his glasses earlier that day that's why he doesn't have them on.... and we took them in the next day to be fixed. The usual optician was not there so an "assistant" helped and in the process scratched a lens! He can still wear them, but they have to order a new lens now! Typical to the way the week had been going!)


  1. Wow, Go-gurt is definitely motivation for chair pulling!

    All this tooth talk is making my mouth feel funny! ;)

    Glad to see you're feeling better!!!

  2. Glad to hear that you're feeling better!

    When my daughter loses teeth, it always seems to be 2 at a time!

    What a mischievous little boy!

  3. Its both great and hard to watch them become independent. My two year old wants to do everything by himself all of the sudden. I have no idea how I'll survive when neither of them "needs" me to do stuff for them....

  4. Scrubbing with a toothbrush?? What ever happened to squirt, swish, flush Wah-lah it's clean???

    Glad Josh's arm is better.

    Maybe you can get a part-time job (you know in your free time) to support the toothfairy expenses.

  5. I am glad you are on the mend!

    Josh can reflect back on this time if he ever thinks of playing hockey or lacrosse!

  6. But, but Mommmmmmmmmmm, go-gurt is good for you! : )

    Glad you're feeling better : )

    Hope you and your fam are having a beautiful Easter! : )


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