Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Toothless Tuesday


Actually, it fell out yesterday. He woke up and it was hanging out of his mouth. He looked so funny -- when he closed his mouth, his little tooth stuck out.

He looks like a "real" boy now -- broken arm and 2 front teeth missing!


  1. That freaks me out when the tooth is hanging by a thread. That is one cute toothless child!

  2. OH that would be freaky...the waking up to a half hanging out tooth.

    And about my house: I made sure to get the knife on the counter's edge LOL I mean, what was I thinking? That's why there's a gate up to keep adrien out of the kitchen!

  3. Not looking forward to the toothless look in our house!

  4. Oh my goodness! I was always afraid/paranoid that my children might choke on a loose tooth during the night.
    Hopefully the visit from the tooth fairy helped ease the pain!

  5. What a great smile. All I can think is I hope he doesn't want to eat an apple for awhile!

  6. Teeth freak me out! Sm has another one loose and I am dreading it.

  7. Ew!!! I always yank my kids' teeth out before they can get to the dangling stage!

  8. That is the cutest pic momma! Luv his toothless grin!

  9. AH! He is going to be RICH! It will be a long corn on the cob-less summer for him!


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