Sunday, March 23, 2008

Last Minute Camping Trip

On Thursday night, Rich and I were sitting around watching T.V. and Rich suggested we go camping this weekend.

The weather was going to be beautiful (and it was) and we thought it would be fun to get out and do something different for a change.

We booked up a campsite at F. D. Roosevelt State Park -- about an hour (haha) south of Atlanta -- for 2 nights.

FD Roosevelt State Park

Of course we had very limited camping gear so this meant a trip to the store on Friday to get a tent big enough for all four of us, sleeping bags for the kids and other camping necessities.

Our plan was to get all our gear while Sam was at school, get Sam, come home pack up the car and go as soon as we picked Josh up from school (about 2:30) and get to the campsite by about 3:30-4:00 ish.

Well, you know things never work according to plan. When we got home the tent storage bag had a hole in it. So we had to return it to the shop and swap it out for a new one on the way. Then we hit Atlanta Traffic!

It took a little over 2 hours to get to the camp ground. We seriously had about an hour of daylight left -- all of which was taken up getting the tent up! I took the boys to the little shop in the town for some food -- and ordered a pizza for dinner -- while Rich stayed behind and got the cots up and the fire going and the rest of the gear sorted.

our new tent

It was nearly 8:30 and dark by the time we got back to the campsite with the pizza. Rich had the tent up -- and I noticed one of the cots was in the screened in porch area in the front.

Apparently, our 6 person tent only fit 3 of the cots we bought. It was crowded with them in there!

Luckily, we brought our other tent (a 3-person). So, after Pizza, Rich put up the little tent for him to sleep in.

Our tents

By the time we were all settled, eaten and ready for bed, it was 11:00. Sam's bed time is 6:30! He was FRIED! And he was not very happy with his new sleeping bag! Luckily, he was so tired the crying only lasted five minutes and he was out like a light!

My sleeping bag was not so good. I was FREE.ZING. All night! I managed to put my coat and a heavy sweatshirt under my sleeping bag and that helped keep the cold away, but it was still very cold! So cold that we decided we could not stay another night (it was going to be in the 30's on Saturday night).

So, we spent the day at the park and came home late that afternoon. But we had lots of fun on Saturday before we left.

We took a walk down to the lake.

Morning Walk

At the lake

It was so beautiful!

After lunch it really warmed up quite a bit. We played outside for several hours.

King of the Hill

The Secret Fort

Chilling out

Even though we were just about 2 hours south of our house, signs of spring were much more evident down at the state park.

The dogwoods were in bloom...


And the yellow pine pollen was everywhere!

Pollen on our Car

We had a GREAT time and are already planning our next "last minute" camping trip.

Even Curious George had fun!

Sam & George

We got home on Saturday evening just in time to put the kids to bed. They were tired and happy! And excited for Easter and the Easter Bunny in the morning.

I am going to leave you with this last picture of a mushroom I found.

How fitting is this for Easter weekend?

Cross Mushroom


  1. Oh, I love camping! I can't wait until my kids are bigger and camping would actually be enjoyable. Plus, it was only about 20 degrees this morning, so being a tent would be just a tad chilly.

  2. Such a cool mushroom! :) And pizza? Classic camp cuisine LOL Don't you love how camping trips are always so much of an ordeal, and yet turn out so great? Sorry you guys didn't get to stay the extra night.

    What fun though! :) I mean, besides the mishaps haha

  3. That's the sort of thing that would happen to us. My husband swears he has a little black cloud that follows him around. At least you guys had an overall good time, that's what really matters.

    The lake looks so peaceful! I love your dogwood and mushroom photos - great job!

  4. What fun! Neil and Sam often camp out in the backyard, but they are itching to go up to the lake again soon. Luckily, the weather should be warming up nicely now that it's Spring!!

    (Love that mushroom!)

  5. What a great family weekend!! Pizza while camping is great. I usually make burritos with the Lipton spanish rice and precooked chicken. Its easy to do and the burrito keeps you from needing a plate.

  6. What an adventure! What great memories! what brave boys!

    My husband and I are NOTORIOUS for getting to our campsite late. I think we are cursed. Our first camping trip we did not get to the site until midnight! There were so many bugs and it was so dark. Then my husband (then boyfriend) says into the darkness: "I forgot the tent poles." He suggested sleeping in the car (where we would have died of mugginess) or on the ground (where we would have been eaten alive by mosquitoes). Instead I rigged the tent up like this:

    Honestly, as we fell asleep that night I knew I would marry him, because I was still so happy just to BE with him even after all that.

    We drove an hour to the nearest Target to get a new tent the next morning.

  7. LOVE those pics! Sounds like you all had a great time....barring the need-another-tent-and-uncomfy-beds! LOL....that lake looks so peaceful, great photo!

  8. I like your blog and you have some very nice pictures.Looks like you all had a very good time camping.


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