Friday, October 12, 2007

Friday's Photos... The Barber Shop

We went to the Barber Shop today.

Sam again

Sam's mouth in this picture is my favorite part. It's his "shy" face. He always does this when he's at the barber or someplace new. He also whispers and talks so quietly I can't hear him! It's so not like him at home. When he makes this face, it makes my heart melt. I love it!

Josh -- snip snip

Josh was looking at himself in the mirror across the room. I tried to get him when he was making faces but I missed it! Josh is growing so much. He looks less and less "baby" and more and more "boy" all the time. Yet, everytime we come to the barber shop I look at him and can see how little he really is.

Ta da!

Handsome Boys! Showing off their new haircuts. The sun was in their eyes so they couldn't look at me with open eyes.

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  1. Cute haircuts! I love the picture of Sam! When I look back over old pictures of my son, I can hardly believe that little person in the photos is the same person standing 2 inches taller than me now.


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