Friday, October 19, 2007

More Art -- Leaves are All Around Us

I was just sitting here wondering what to post about and reading other blogs, when I popped over to find out how Her Bad Mother is feeling (yucky morning sickness!).

WonderBaby has made some really pretty pictures and HBM has called out for readers to post their kids' creations, in exchange for a signed Wonderbaby original!

I know I just posted the boys Halloween drawings earlier this week, but I wanted to post this picture Josh did at school.

Josh's art teacher is amazing. He comes home with the most beautiful creations. This is what he came home with this week and I can't believe how beautiful it is. It's his first First Grade Art Project that he's brought home.

It's a crayon and watercolor masterpiece...

And I think we'll title it, Leaves are All Around Us.

And, there is a song that goes with it...

Leaves are all around us
They're everywhere we go.
Leaves are all around us
And so the Leaf-piles grow.

Ooooo they're fallin' in the wind....


  1. That is really good. He is talented. I love it when the boys bring me art!

  2. That is very pretty! I might frame it and hang it up ;)

  3. That is really awesome! You should definitely frame it.

  4. That's really, truly gorgeous. Reminiscent of Group of Seven, or Emily Carr. And with a song! Bonus.


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