Thursday, October 11, 2007

Mimi's Seven Things Meme...

I was tagged for the "Seven Things About Me" meme by B at Random Acts of Motherhood.

First, I have to tag seven others. I hate this part of memes (other than spelling meme instead of Mimi... it's just not natural!) because I never know who to pick!

So, the lucky ones are:
It's My Life Laugh if You Must
Chocolate Party
Scrapping My Three
Mom to 3 Cubs
The Roe Round Up
Monkey's Mama

There! Hard part over.... Now, for seven things about me....

  1. When I was a pre-teen/teen I had a mild case of scoliosis. I didn't need a full body brace, but I did have a "lift" for my shoe (one leg was about 1/4 inch longer than the other). This made it hard to find shoes that were big enough for the leather "lift" and my foot. I think this affected me and as a result....

  2. I hate shoe shopping. I have always hated it. My feet are small (after kids they grew to a 6-61/2, but pre-kids they were 5 1/2) so when I was younger that always made it hard to find shoes. Because I had issues with my back, I don't like heels so it's hard to find stuff sometimes.

  3. I was a Rotary Exchange Student in High School -- the year between graduation and going to College. I went to a beautiful island on the west coast called Sula. I was in Langevag, Norway. This was not my first stint living in a foreign country. I lived in Mannheim, Germany while I was in Middle School, my dad was Army and stationed there, I lived on an American housing development and went to DOD (American) Schools. So my experience in Norway was my first real interaction and life outside the US. It taught me tons and much of who I am today results from that time.

  4. There was a period in my life when the Olympics followed me, or I followed them... it's not quite clear. I lived in Norway the year Lillehammer was bidding on the Winter Olympics, they won. I lived in Atlanta just before the Olympics came here. I lived in Salt Lake City the year they announced that SLC had won their Olympic Bid. I lived in ustralia just before the Syndey Olympics. And now, London is set to host the Olympics in 2012 and I used to live there! However, I've never been in a city while the Olympics were being held though!

  5. I was born on the day my parents were supposed to be moving from Ft. Sill, OK to Ft. Bliss, TX. Well, I say "supposed to move" but my Dad and older brother actually DID move. I was born very early in the morning. My "due date" was "April Fools Day" -- I guess I decided to play the ultimate April Fools Joke and come three days sooner.

  6. I hate spiders. I loathe them! So much so when I was in High School (and when I moved out on my own) I used to sleep with a can of raid by my side and I'd spray all my Windows and walls to kill the spiders before I went to bed. And if I ever saw a spider, I'd rather spray it than get close enough to "squish" it. I have mellowed a bit. I still don't like them, but I don't go shreiking from the room at the first sight of one. But I will jump and gasp.

  7. I've kissed the Blarney Stone at Blarney Castle in Cork, Ireland. It was very scary! First, you have to know I'm also afraid of heights -- or unstable things. And to kiss the Blarney Stone you have to climb to the top of the "tower" and then lay on your back and lean upside down over a "grate" to kiss it. There is a very strong man that holds you to make sure you don't fall, but still.... Click here to see a picture of what it looks like. Even though I was terrified, I'm glad I did it!

So, that's a bit more about me! Hope I didn't bore you!

This took me ALL DAY! It was very hard to think of things about me that maybe aren't so mundane and boring. It was HARD!


  1. Cool!
    Thank you for thinking of me, I will do mine tomorrow ok!!
    Where do you want me to post mine?

  2. You hate shoe shopping?? *gasp* ::bang:: That's me fainting! LOL! I love that you've kissed the Blarney Stone! How cool is that?!

  3. Oh, how wonderful about #3! I wish everyone could go abroad like that for a year. This afternoon I talked with a foreign exchange student from the Phillipines. Very fun. He was surprised how cold Wisconsin is, LOL.

    And how fun about #4. So do you think it'll be Chicago in 2016?

  4. Oh, I'll let you know when I do the meme! Thanks for thinking of me. :)

  5. Wayyyyy more interesting than me. I have gone no where and done nothing compared to you. Congrats!

  6. Fun and interesting Mimi facts!! I'm with you on the heights and spiders issues. My grea-grandmother was from Norway and I hope to one day see it as well!

  7. Whoa- you have had some kind of life! You have been all over the place. I am proud of you for kissing the Blarney stone and for sharing these things.

    The olympic thing is hilarious. You could probably make some cash if olympic bidding cities knew about this!

  8. thanks for particpating! :)

    now, how in the world anyone came up with the idea of kissing a stone so hard to get to, i'll never know. but i know it's "good luck", ya? anyway, i thought the meme would be an easy post too. it took me like all day to do it! LOL

    so thanks for dredging away at yourself all day and makin' the list!

  9. Hey there! I have mine up now! I don't like shoe shopping or spiders!!

  10. I saw I was tagged. Thanks! Here is one that is even better than the 7. It's 50 things you might not have known about me. So instead of choosing just 7, I'm giving you my whole list of 50. Believe it or not I have one that's titled an additional 50 things you might not have known about me. We'll save that for another day!


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