Monday, October 22, 2007

Monday, Monday....

We had a really busy weekend and really didn't do anything. We're sort of at a point now with the kids where we have to keep them busy, or plan what we're going to do on the weekends so they don't just "fade away." Josh's interests are changing all the time -- we're into Pokemon now -- and if we don't keep him occupied, he'd play his Game Boy all day! Something we definitely do not want!

So, we've been trying to think of family things that will entertain a 6 year old and an almost 3 year old and yet are affordable or, better yet, free. So we go to parks a lot! Thankfully, the weather is nice now and we have lots of really great parks nearby.

Josh, of course, had his baseball game on Saturday afternoon. He did well. You can really see the progress he's making. It's such a long way from him leaving the field in tears at the beginning crying that "baseball is hard!" To seeing him smile and hit the ball better and better each time. He is really enjoying himself now!

On Sunday we went to a near-by park so he could practice his bike riding. We went to a park we've never been to before and they had batting cages -- the automatic pitching machines weren't there, but it was great for Rich and Josh. They went into the batting cages and Josh got to practice batting. Sam and I played on the playground while Josh and Dad practiced.

And, for Rich, this weekend was pretty disappointing, sports wise. Liverpool won, but apparently the game was "weird" so he didn't enjoy it so much. And the price was steep -- England Football (soccer) lost to Russia in the European Cup qualifiers and are in danger of not making the cut. A big blow, to say the least. England Rugby lost to South Africa in the Rugby World Cup Final and the English Rookie Formula One Racer (Hamilton I think his name is) had issues in the last race of the season and failed to win the championship.

Finally, Josh brought his report card home today. It's his first "real" report card. I'm happy to say he did really, really well! We're very proud of him! And the teachers comments were really nice. She said it was "a pleasure to work with a well-mannered and capable student."

Sorry about no pictures, but my camera is close to the end of it's life -- it only works occasionally now -- so I didn't bring it with me anywhere. It's just such a pain to use these days. Now you know what's top of our Christmas list!


  1. Double "Good Job" to Josh!! I too have found that outdoor activites are often the best way to keep the kids active on the weekends. They are learning to not say "I'm bored"!

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