Wednesday, October 31, 2007

My Son, Vesuvius

I think Josh is a bit excited about Halloween. We're going over to a friend's house for dinner and then we're going Trick-or-Treating with them in their neighborhood (ours isn't too great for Trick-or-Treating).

Josh is very excited and could hardly sit still yesterday. Remember those days? One of the great things about having kids... brings back memories of what it was like to be a child again -- the excitement and awe over everything!


I put Josh to bed at 7:15 and told him he could read until 7:30 then "Lights Out" because we have a big day today.

7:40 Josh comes downstairs for some made up reason or another... we send him back to bed.

8:15 Josh from atop the stairs: "Mom. I can't sleep because I have so much information in my head."

Rich and I look at each other and smile, Rich says, "Mommy knows what that's like!" (too true!).

I tell him to just go back to bed and try and clear his head and relax -- knowing full well that the only thing that helps me is to "write it down" but it was WAY past his bedtime!

Josh: "But Mom! My head is like a Giant Volcano of Information."

Volcano picture courtesy of Vanuatu Tourism Office


  1. LOL!! That is my daughter, always so many thoughts running through her head and every excuse in the book for getting out of bed. I wish I still looked forward to trick-or-treating like the kids do!

  2. hee hee!!! He's ready to explode! :)

  3. LOL. That's so cute! Are you sure he's only six?!

  4. That's how I STILL feel on Chirstmas eve!! :)


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