Tuesday, October 16, 2007

In Training for Manhood

I have absolutely nothing of interest to blog about today, so I'm going to recap a conversation we had with Josh this weekend.

Let me first say (Grandmother), we have two beautiful boys and we are content and do not plan to have any more children. We are done.

On Sunday after we put the boys to bed Rich and I went down to the lower deck and lit the Chimnea (outdoor fireplace).

This did not sit well with Josh. He gets scared and likes to be able to hear us. So, after about 5 minutes we were interrupted by a crying boy who was scared.

We indulged him and let him stay up later than normal and help us feed pine cones into the Chimnea.

We chatted about a few things and then out of the blue Rich asks Josh if he would like another baby brother or sister.

Without missing a beat, this boy says, "Well.... why do you ask?"

We cracked up.

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