Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Got Milk?

Thank you all for your kind words about Sam! Your prayers must have worked because he woke up this morning fit as a fiddle and ready to go! Thank goodness!

Sam normally goes to school on Wednesday's but one of the local mom's groups I belong to had a field trip planned to a local dairy.

At the farm

AND Josh had a field trip planned with his class to the SAME dairy -- so, I decided to keep Sam home and go on the field trip with the mom's group with the intention of catching up with Josh there and just bringing him home.

It was such a good field trip -- very interesting for the adults and the kids thought it was fun too!

We got to feed the little baby calves. Some of them were only a few weeks old!

Sam feeding a calf

And we learned how to milk cows and then we got to see up close what a milking machine feels like.

Milking Machine

Sam actually did stick his finger in, but I liked this picture better.

Then we went on to the processing plant and learned all about how the milk is processed.... I thought it was interesting, but the kids were a bit young to keep their interest. Josh thought it was interesting though! He even told us he learned that 36F was the ideal temperature for milk. But I wasn't with him then so I have no pictures.

Next, we got to go on a hay ride out to the pasture.


Sam really liked this bit. We saw a dog herd the cows up to our trailor and a cow even stuck her head in and ate hay right off our tractor! Sam thought this was fantastic!

Then we fed the goats and the tour was done! We did get a free sample of the milk they produce there. It was really good!

Sam drinking milk

Since Halloween is right around the corner, Sam and I picked out a pumpking from the pumpkins they had there.

Sam with Pumpkins

We had a quick lunch and then headed up to meet Josh's class at the calf feeding area.

Josh Feeding a Calf

After, Josh and his friend had a milk chugging contest

Milk is good!

By that time we were all exhausted and came home!

It was a great field trip and I'd love to go back. On the weekends they have a cornfield maze you can go through and a few other seasonal events: hayrides, bonfires, pig races, and all sorts of other stuff. It was well worth it!

And when we got home, we all went to the playground and got even MORE fresh air! The kids are sleeping soundly now. I think I wore them out!


  1. I always love field trips like that. I remember the excitement of getting to go on them as a child. Yum, nostalgia!

    Glad to know Sam's better! :-D

  2. Glad to hear that Sam is feeling better! It's great that he didn't miss such a fun-filled day! I however get a little queasy when I think about a milk chugging contest! :)

  3. Wow, sounds like a fun time. I've never visited a dairy farm before! Neat!


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