Monday, April 21, 2008

Can't Blame Him For Trying

We have a rule in our house. Sam is not allowed to have any apple juice until he eats.

So if he wants juice in the morning, he has to eat breakfast. If he wants it in the afternoon, he has to eat lunch. We do this, not to be mean, but without giving TMI, he was having "issues" with his tummy and juice. Short of giving it up completely, this seems to be working.

The following conversations took place this weekend.

Sam: Mom, can I have some juice?

Me: Did you finish your sandwich?

Sam: Yes

Me: No you didn't I still see a couple bites.

Sam -- goes away, comes back: Look Mommy! I'm a Clean Plate Clubber! (shows me his plate) Can I have some juice now?

Me: Sam, where is your sandwich?

Sam: In the garbage.


Next conversation -- took place this morning. Similar situation. He wanted juice, he hadn't finished his breakfast.

Sam: Mommy, can I have some juice please?

Me: No Sam, you have to finish breakfast. I can still see your sandwich (he likes turkey sandwiches for breakfast).

Sam -- gets up, picks up plate and moves it out of my line of sight: There Mommy, now you can't see it anymore. Can I have some juice now?

What is a mom to do?


  1. Wow. I think he'll grow up to be a GREAT lawyer LOL

  2. Oh My!! That's when, as a parent, you're torn between being mad and laughing. This makes discipline and/or correction all the harder.

    Nice try Sam, nice try!

  3. LOL, what a little stinker :)


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