Monday, April 14, 2008

Oh My Peas!

Did you know this is the Week of the Young Child?

In honor of this, I am going to use this week to blog about some activities we do in our house with our kids. Besides, I never want to miss an opportunity to exploit my kids!

The boys are 3 1/2 years apart so our activities need to range from pre-K level to 1st grade level or they need to be adaptable across the age range. Hopefully, I'll remember to share something every day!

Last weekend we had a new Home Depot open just about 2 miles from our house. And the weather was beautiful so we decided to get some stuff for our garden and lawn and get the spring season underway.

The PeasSam spotted the seeds (to plant) and there was a whole bunch of VeggieTale branded vegetable seeds and wanted to buy some.

Now,who am I to say "no" to that?! VeggieTales? Who doesn't love the VeggieTales? And if it gets the kids to eat their veggies -- the marketing is genius!

He picked out the peas and I thought they would be nice and easy to plant and grow.

We got home and the boys planted the seeds.


And watered them.

Watering Peas

We kept them on our kitchen window sill for the week and checked their progress daily.

This weekend, we decided they were big enough to replant.

Look Ma! Peas!

The weather wasn't as nice so we replanted them in the garage.

Repotted Peas

We had to take them in over night because it got quite cold last night. We're expecting the weather to get warmer again tomorrow and will put them on our back deck -- lots of sunshine and easily visible so we remember to water them!

The boys love going out and checking their progress. This is one activity that you can certainly adapt to different skill levels. Afterall, it's just playing in the dirt, right?

So, fingers crossed that we'll get some actual peas!


  1. What a great idea! Make sure you protect them from critters once you plant them outside, or you'll have some sad kids on your hands! I learned that the hard way.

  2. Oh how fun! and includes dirt, so extra fun!

  3. Veggie Tales Seeds? I have to get me some of those!

    Best wishes for happy planting and bountiful growth!

  4. Veggie tales? On seeds? I LOVE it! Bob the tomato is Adrien's absolute favorite...right up there with Nemo.


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