Monday, April 14, 2008

Conversations with a Three Year Old

Today's laugh brought to you by Sam.

In the carpool lane at school this morning.

Sam: Mom, can I drive?

Me: No.

Sam: Come on. Just for a little bit? Please?

Me: No, Sam - you're 3! You have to be 16 to drive!

Sam: Awwwe! Mooommm! (pouts and crosses his arms)


  1. You may have a future NASCAR driver on your hands. :) Here the kids are more, I can try mascara? I wanna help mix the food (a.k.a. help make a mess), or I wanna help you with the dishes (a.k.a. play with soapsuds)...need I go on?...

  2. Hee, Hee! It was worth a shot!


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