Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Madness Begins

This past weekend we spent getting the house ready for an onslaught of visitors and getting ready for summer.

We have some friends from Australia coming to visit us this weekend -- they're stopping through for the weekend on their way from Orlando to Las Vegas. They were really good friends of ours when we lived there. They included us in family events and sort of adopted us as their own while we were there.

We're taking them to a Braves game on Sunday afternoon. Their son is playing t-ball or baseball this year and really wanted to go to a real baseball game while they were in the U.S. And we're only too happy to oblige!

After they leave, we have just enough time to recover before Rich's parents come for three weeks. More about that at another time.

So like I said we spent time getting the house ready over the weekend.

On Friday, we went to a carnival put on by the Parks & Rec Soccer league. It was fun. We did have a very small bit of rain and judging from our kids reactions, you would have thought they were related to the "Wicked Witch of the West." I have never heard such moaning over a small bit of rain!

But since we like to torment our children, we made them get wet.

All wet from rain!

Then, after about 3 minutes the rain stopped and we had fun again. We took the boys for some ice cream and then wandered over to watch some of the baseball games going on at the park.

We watches the 4 - 5 year old league. It was very cute to see those kids in their little uniforms playing baseball. What was a little scary was the parents. These kids are 4 and 5 -- and the parents were yelling at these kids like they were in the Majors. I felt sorry for one little kid.

Anyway, we watched for a while and then went home. Another Friday Family Fun Night Success!


  1. It's always so exciting to have visitors - it's the before and after cleaning up that I could do without!

    I too have witnessed parents getting too serious at children's sporting events. It makes me want to yell at them and say "It's just a game, the kids are supposed to have fun, lighten up."

  2. Oh man, 3 minutes of rain! 3 weeks of house guests?

    I can hardly stand going to my nephew's baseball games. I hate the vocal parents, breaks my heart when the kids get upset.

  3. How cool that you lived over in Austraila. I had no idea.

    I too love to watch the little ones play sports. The other night we watched a group of 4 year olds play hockey. It was a riot.

  4. I love watching T-ball; it's hilarious!

    Cool Pokemon shirt!

  5. yay for baseball!

    but isn't it a shame that parents take their kids' sports so seriously? i mean, what happened to fun?


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