Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Getting to do Girly Stuff

(*edited to add: I also posted this on the Shine site and they made it one of their daily features on the Parent site today! Go check it out... I'm so excited!)

As the mom of two boys, and being married to one, I'm the only female in the house.

When I found out I was having my second son people kept telling me it was good to have two boys. Some of the "good things" included, but is not limited too, not having to pay for a wedding, getting to go to the bathroom by myself eventually, one day, and when the boys go out to do sports, eventually, I'll have time to myself.

I must admit that most of the time I'm surrounded by Pokemon, cars, trucks, trains, baseball, and soccer. When my sister (who has 4 girls) called at Christmas the talk was all about High School Musical, Hannah Montana and My Little Pony. To which I replied, "Who? What?" I have no idea what's up in the world of "girls." It's Greek to me.

Yesterday I mentioned I'd been invited to an event to launch the new Yahoo! for women site called Shine. It was a chance to interact with women, be surrounded by women and see what other women were up too. Plus the food was amazing!

Anyway, I had to get some new shoes because it's been about 3 years since I got a new pair. No joke.

We went to DSW, I brought the boys with me. And I decided, looking at row upon row upon row of shoes that I am shoe impaired. I do not know what is cool or stylish. I hadn't a clue.

I was looking for something summery. I needed something casual that could be dressed up because I can't justify spending $50 on shoes I'll only wear once or twice. I finally found a pair I liked but needed a second opinion.

After I managed to get the boys corralled, they were running All.Over.The.Store (yes that was me with the unruly kids -- thankfully we were the only customers), I asked Josh for his opinion.

Me: Okay Josh, which ones do you like... these? or these?

Josh: Are they Sketchers?

Me: One of them.

Josh: Which one? I like the Sketchers.

Me: Well, tell me which ones you like better and then I'll tell you which are the sketchers.

Josh: Nope. I only like Sketchers. Besides, you said they were comfortable. Get the Sketchers.

Me: But I'm not sure the Sketchers are dressy enough.

Josh (running away after Sam): SKETCHERS!!!!

Boys. I should have known.

So, what did I do?

I got the Sketchers


And the Coles of England

Coles of New York shoes

Well, I am a girl after all... isn't that what you would have done?

And so we go home so I can finish "being a girl" --

I pulled out the fingernail polish that I haven't worn in years (how long does it last?). It was nice and separated -- but not glumpy, so I took my chances.

I put on make up and got dressed up (as much as I can) and went off to the Ritz-Carlton in Buckhead for the event.

It was lots of fun to mingle and talk to some other women and other bloggers. At the end of the day, we got a nice bag of goodies with lots of women's magazines and some new make up...

Goody Bag

... and not a sports magazine in sight!


  1. Congratulations on the great shoe finds and the Feature Post! (I followed the link and commented over there.)

  2. YOur boy story is great. I have one boy and one girl who are polar opposties. You are right boys have no clue about girl things.

    Congrats on the awesome post!!!

  3. i think being girly is a way to make my self look more like a girl ann not a boy i am so a tomboy but now that i found a website my friends are going to a new girl.


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