Friday, April 18, 2008

Bring on the Culture

Week of the Young Child: Day five.

We're having a local festival here this weekend, complete with arts and crafts stalls and parades and all sorts of fun activities. Tomorrow night is a family camp out in our neighborhood. And next weekend is the annual "Touch a Truck" event. These events are my inspiration for today's post.

I know not everyone lives in a community like mine with family friendly events right in my back yard -- literally. But, you can find lots of fun cultural or educational events just about everywhere you look.

The local Police Stations and Fire Stations are a great first stop. They give free tours to kids of all ages. The Fire Station tours I've been on the Fire Fighters will dress up in full gear so the little kids get used to seeing a fire fighter with a mask and air tank on "just in case." And the kids get to climb all over the fire trucks. Of course if there is an emergency or fire, then you need to be flexible and let the firefighters get on with their job!

Just about every where you go, you can find free or inexpensive things to do with kids. When we were in London last summer, we even managed a visit to The Tate Modern museum as well as attending a local Medieval Fair.

If there is nothing free going on in your area, you can always check out the local botanic gardens, aquariums, aviaries, planetariums, zoos and other museums for special kid-related activities. Most have programs and activities for smaller children.

So, go get out and find some culture this weekend!


  1. Oh how fun! I love the "Touch a Truck" event!

    I am going to see "The Wiz" tonight and out for sushi tomorrow night, so that is my culture fix.

  2. Enjoy the festival. (Those will start here after Memorial Day, when it warms up.)

    Not sure what we'll do this weekend... I do love museums.

  3. I'm going to see an alt-bluegrass, progressive rock, jazz-fusion, funkabilly with shades of neo-hippie 90s space rock band called Stratospheerius tonight.

  4. Great ideas! And when all else fails there's also the library. I always forget that it's there... And also, petshops can keep them entertained as well if the zoo or aquarium is too much of a production and you have limited time. It's amazing how my son can just spend a good hour or more at Petsmart looking at fish and lizards!

  5. Sounds like a great event. On Halloween the local fire station gives out hot dogs. My boys love going and seeing the fire trucks and talking to the fire fighters.

  6. Good advice! We love finding free or very low cost things to do. Most of our Nature parks charge only a couple dollars - per car load. Once there, the hiking, etc., is free!

  7. Giving the kids a chance to see the fire fighters in full gear is a fantastic idea. Too often, during an actual fire, kids are afraid of the fire fighters and hide.

  8. You are always so resourceful! Great ideas for kiddies and their fams everywhere! Thanks for sharing : )


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