Thursday, April 3, 2008

Thursday Play

Josh got his cast off yesterday. He was so excited -- and a bit nervous too -- that he couldn't concentrate at school.

His teacher told me she couldn't get him to focus on anything, which is so unlike him! I think the cast coming off and Spring Break coming up next week was just too exciting for him.

He was a bit nervous because he was afraid his arm would hurt when the cast came off. He was quite used to it and liked the "comfort" it brought him after he broke it.

He got the cast off and they took another X-ray and saw nothing. He says it still hurts when he moves it, but he is favoring it quite a bit. When Sam broke his leg last year, he was forced to use his leg to walk so he was able to recover quickly. This morning, Josh was still not moving his arm much. He is a bit, but it hurts to move it too much. We've told him to take it slowly, but to try and move it a bit more every day.

Of course the arm wasn't painful enough for him to help Sammy play on the computer.

Josh teaching Sam to use the computer

Today Sam and I decided to try out a new indoor play place that just opened. It is a pirate themed indoor play area and it's quite cool. There is a huge play structure surrounded by sand in the middle.

Looking around

And they had these ball shooters all over the place that shot out soft foam balls. It was very cool. They used air pressure and shot these soft balls all over. Sam loved them and tried out all 15 that they had there!

Shooting the cannon

There were also Pirate themed bouncies all over the perimeter, but Sam liked the ball shooters and the sand the best.


And sliding down the pole (but with my help)

Whee! Down the pole!

One of the owners was dressed as a friendly pirate and Sam was so taken with him. He wanted to talk to the pirate but he was too scared. It was hysterical.

Anyway, we had fun but it was expensive -- more expensive than the other jumpy place we go to. And it was more "hands on" for the parents. The other place is just a "go play while the parents talk" type of thing. This one needed more adult supervision. And the new place did not have a concession area so we just have to remember to "be prepared" when we go play there. But, it's nice to have an alternative play place though!


  1. Aw, poor guy with his arm. I bet he'll be over it in a few days, as soon as he gets used to having the cast off. It is a really weird feeling right after you get one off though.

    That play place looks fun! I wish they had more indoor type things here. Glad to see you guys had fun! Hope your weekend goes well!

  2. Yay for getting the cast off and for the bones healing! Hopefully over the course of spring break, he will get more comfortable with his arm.

    An indoor play place - that is such a great idea! Especially with nice clean sand... you know, the kind neighborhood animals haven't used! :)

  3. What a cool kids' play place... Hope that your son's arm feels better soon, especially with Spring Break coming up.

    blog hoppin' - etcetera

  4. The play area looks like great fun!

    We've had broken bones here, and yes, the arm is stiff at first. I was worried when my boys would get a cast off, and not be able to move or bend their arm like usual, but it just takes a little time, and then they are back to normal.


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