Friday, April 22, 2011

All About Kindergarten

Sam had an Authors’ Breakfast at school today.

He has a student teacher and this was her “project” for the class. The whole class wrote and illustrated books about Kindergarten.  They invited all the parents to come in this morning for muffins and the kids shared their books.

It was so cute!
Here’s Sam with his book. It was also PJ Day – for a fifty cent donation to the schools Relay for Life Team (ACS) the kids got to wear their PJ’s. He wanted to be sure the sticker and glow necklace were in the picture.

And yes, he is wearing Halloween PJ’s in April. It’s all we had – since he wore his PJ shorts for three days in a row as “real” shorts and I can’t get either kid to actually wear PJ’s to bed, he has to go with what we’ve got!

Proud Mom & Son (I also took the “just out of bed” look for PJ day)

Sorry if this is long, but I want to share Sam’s book. Since the blog is mostly for family, I figured the rest of you wouldn't mind!

His teacher kept it for now – it will be coming home in a few weeks. I tried taking pictures of each page, but Sam confiscated the camera so pardon the picture quality! I will “translate” it as well –for those not used to Kindergarten spelling!


All About Kindrergarten

by Sam Jenkins


All About


is a good plas
to lrn.

(Kindergarten in a good place to learn)


Frst we
do moorning
work. We
allsoe lrn.
We have jobs.

(First, we do morning work. We also learn. We have jobs)

I ride the
bus to school
and back. We
lrn how to
read. Then we have

(I ride the bus to school and back. We learn how to read. Then we have)

snac. Next
we do
We can get

(snack. Next we do specials. We can get compliments.)


We do math.
I like

(We do math. I like addition.)

We do
We also do Smarte.
We have friends
my friends are

(We do science. We also do Smartie. We have friends. My friends are)

Smartie is the “smart board” they have in the classroom. It’s the modern day equivalent of the overhead projector, filmstrip thingy, movie projector and chalkboard all rolled in to one. It’s way cool!

Ben K, Ben W, Ben D
Kyle. We do
centrs. We
do book buddies.
We do calandr.

(Ben K, Ben W, Ben D, Kyle. We do centers. We do Book Buddies. We do calendar.)

Yes, he has 3 kids named Ben in his class! I asked him why he didn’t put down Sean’s name – his best buddy in the class – and he said he already talked about Sean. Then said he forgot and would add it later!

My favrite
part of the
day is recess.
I like to play

(My favorite part of the day is recess. I like to play spy.)


We read rite
and rest. My favrite thing to
do is rest.

(We Read, Write, Rest. My favorite thing to do is rest.)

We play
gams when its
raining my
faverit game
is hedsup

(We play games when it’s raining. My favorite game is Heads Up Seven Up).

The end!

Very good, don’t you think?

Each child got an award at the end.


Here he is with his teacher, Miss Schoening (on the left. We love her and want to adopt her) and the student teacher Miss Brown (we love her too!)


I think we’re going to miss Kindergarten!

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  1. Aww! How sweet! I dont blame you one bit for sharing this! I would too. How wonderful!

  2. So cute! I remember my kids making those too - I still treasure them :)

  3. I have to say that the glow necklaces were pretty darn cool! (Isn't it funny how much they love PJ Day!?)

    LOVE that photo of you two. And, he did GREAT on the book! Your boys are so very talented.

    Happy Easter, my friend!


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