Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring Break 2011: Soccer!

Today is the last day of Spring Break 2011.

We really didn't to a whole lot, other than going to Fernbank on Thursday.  But we did have a busy Saturday!

Josh got a skateboard for his birthday. He's been practicing and practicing on it and he's getting much better.  One thing he's been itching to do is go to one of our local parks that has a skate ramp. Every time we go it's over crowded with teens so Josh hasn't been able to get on. Plus, it's a bit intimidating with lots of High Schoolers skating on it. It's not that big of a "skate park."  Rich promised Josh he'd take him down early one morning before the teens invaded. So, Saturday morning, off they went.

They were gone about 45 minutes. Apparently, the skate ramp was quite wet. Josh got on the ramp, on his skateboard and the board immediately fell out from underneath him and winded him.  Josh said it was very scary - he'd never been winded like that before. Poor fella!  Fortunately, Rich knew what to do. He calmed Josh down and they went to Dunkin' Donuts and brought breakfast home for us! All in all, I think Josh thought it was worth it.

Saturday afternoon, Sam had a birthday party to go to at  Chuck E Cheese. I really don't think I need to say more about that. Fill in the blanks as best you can. He and his friends had fun.

But the real fun came Saturday evening. We have a local professional Women's Soccer team that plays right here in Kennesaw.  The Atlanta Beat.  The stadium is right down the road from us so it's fun to go watch them play.

Last year was their first year playing in the league and we went several times. We went to their home opener, saw their first win (more than half way through the season) and saw the last home game of the season.  Last year the boys had the opportunity to go play on the field before one of the games! It was very cool!

Last night was The Beat's home opener for this season.  The weather was BEAUTIFUL!!! The Beat's stadium is really nice. Not a bad seat in the house. We always get the "General Admission" tickets - which are the  cheapest, but they are great seats.  While we were there we ran into our friends Sebastian Wagner and Greg Schick and his son Ben. Just before the game the Beat kicked a signed soccer ball into the stands and Greg caught it for Ben! Lucky Ben! I did get some pictures of my boys with the ball though! Even though The Beat lost (4-1), we had a great time!

Unfortunately,  it's never crowded. I really hope the league keeps going and the franchise stays here.  It is so much fun to go and the atmosphere is really great!  It's a really great, family friendly thing to do really close to home!

So, today we are working on getting back to "school ready."  Josh starts the CRCT next week. Those are the standardized tests we have here in Georgia.  Usually the whole school year is spent gearing up for them and once they are done it's all down hill until school gets out.

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