Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Dragons & Quilts

I’m a sucker for my boys artwork!

Dragon by Josh, Age 10 2011

Friendship Quilt by Sam, Age 6, 2010

These were both done in school. Sam’s was part of a fund raiser the school had to raise money for the Art Department. We have it framed and hanging on the wall. I love it!
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  1. Wow those are fabulous! You've got some talented boys there!

  2. I'd be a sucker too! Those are wonderful!
    Following you back too! Thank you

  3. Wow, they are both wonderful artists!

  4. Cute! What talent those boys have.

  5. I'm really impressed. My son, age 5, couldn't care LESS about coloring... better yet making an actual PICTURE. So cute! Thanks for sharing!


  6. WOW Mimi! I agree, very talented kids ya got there!

  7. Wow those are great - lot's of talent there :)

    ~ thanks for stopping by my blog ♥

  8. I loved that fundraiser at KES! Such a great idea and having the piece framed is so cool. (Sam still shows it off to guests...LOL.)

    You have 2 talented fellows there, my friend. That dragon is incredible! Wow.

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