Thursday, April 28, 2011

Busy Week

It’s been one of those weeks.  You know, the crazy, everything-happening-at-once weeks.

Monday, Josh had a really cool field trip.

Wednesday, I helped out at Sam’s school. They were having orientation for the new Kindergarteners so I was there to help greet and give tours. It was fun! I saw lots of kids I know from the preschool. All getting excited to go to Kindergarten!

Sam had a field trip today. They walked down to the local Publix Supermarket. I wasn’t able to go because I had to work. My friend Jessalyn took pictures though.

Here is Sam walking to Publix with Malcolm. 

Apparently, Jessalyn told Sam to “Watch out for the Trees.”  He thought she said, “Watch out for the CHEESE.” After which, mass hilarity ensued.

Here’s a picture of Sam and Malcolm – you can guess who the class clowns are from this picture.


Sam brought home a “letter” from one of his friends at school.


Isabelle was in Sam’s class in the 3’s in pre-School. In the 4’s they had different teachers, but they were at the same school. And they are in Kindergarten together.  Sam would come home telling me that Isabelle pulled his shirt. Which we all know is female equivalent of “pulling pigtails.”

When I asked Sam about the note he said, “She is NOT my girlfriend!”

I do believe Sam is mistaken.

Tomorrow we normally have gymnastics, but we need to skip it because Josh’s school has their School Carnival! Should be fun. I’ll be glad when it’s over though. Lots to organize for it.

All this stuff going on this week has not been helped by my BIG.HUGE.BLINDING.HEADACHE!!!

I’ve had this headache for over a week. One of those that is so bad you can’t see. Fortunately Advil has worked to control the pain, but that doesn’t last all day.

So, I broke down and went to the doctor yesterday.  He took x-rays and said all looked clear. He said it’s probably due to a muscle spasm and gave me muscle relaxers and prednisone.

The prednisone works like a charm!  Since the muscle relaxers put me to sleep, I only take them at night. And the warning on the label….


I go to the doctor for headaches, and he gives me meds that may cause headaches…

And lastly, we had some horrific storms pass through here last night.

Thankfully we are safe and did not get hit. But I do have friends that did have some damage.  Please pray for those that lost their homes or loved ones in the horrible storms. While I’m thankful we’re okay, my heart breaks for those that weren’t.

And, one more thing... I'm participating in a blog hop today.

Sponsored by Heather at "Momma's Time Out."

I tried to grab the button, but the code didn't work for me.

Maybe next week it will...

Anyway, head on over the Heather's and check it out. She's very funny and a great writer!

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  1. Thanks for stopping over at my blog! Hope to see you again. And I agree with you that Sam is most definitely mistaken.... oh, young love! Too cute!!


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