Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday is Ninja Day– Apparently

Sam has an obsession with Ninjas (and penguins, but we’ll explore that another day).

Last year for career day, he dressed up like a Ninja.

Community Helper week Ninja

When his teacher asked him how many Ninja’s he’s seen walking around he replied, “Oh, about 8.” Silly Mrs Beth, she should know you don’t SEE Ninjas!


He’s a bit confused about what he ACTUALLY wants to be when he grows up. He says either a Ninja or a Dad. I pointed out to him that he could be both. He replied “Ninja’s don’t have parents!” And apparently, if he grows up to be a Ninja, I will no longer be his mother.

And it’s not uncommon for me to wake up and find him as I did this morning.


All dressed in his “summer” Ninja gear. He wore it to the bus stop and put it on again immediately when he got home.

On a completely unrelated note, he had his egg hunt at school today. It was part of the math centers. They had to find 21 eggs numbered 0 – 20 and put them in a line in order.

Here are a few pictures --


His “Basket”

IMG_20110415_122510 (1)

Running to get the Eggs


His Number Line

Happy Friday Everyone!


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  1. Oh, I LOVE Ninja day. I am so jealous, actually, around here I get Princess day OVER and OVER and OVER...

  2. Found your blog through Bloggy Moms and though I'd stop by.

    I'd prefer my kids like Ninja's than most pop icons out there ;)

  3. Tseeeeh! So funny. I wonder if astronauts have parents...


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