Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Images 2011

Hope you had a good Easter!  We were busy from the moment we got up until we went to bed!

It was another busy weekend, but Rich did not have to work (Hooray!!) so we had lots of time together.  Friday night we dyed eggs.



Our goal for the weekend was to get the garden and back decks sorted out so we could have a barbecue one night.  Sam had a birthday party to go to on Saturday afternoon and it was quite clear by the time we got home the BBQ would have to wait until Sunday!


Easter Morning the boys got up and found their baskets.  The Easter Bunny left them beach/pool towels, goggles and a few pool toys. And the BEST parachute man EVER!

The boys spent the better part of the day launching them off the top deck on to the bottom deck.

At one point Josh told Sam to put on his swim goggles because it was “Just like sky diving!!!” So Sam put his on right over his goggles.




The Easter Bunny left eggs in the playroom so the boys had a little Egg Hunt up there. While Rich and I worked in the garden and on the back deck, the boys took over the “eating of the Easter Candy.”


Rich and I did manage to get the garden in order and all the chores done on Sunday! It felt good to be outside all day. I know  Rich enjoyed just being home and being outside instead of stuck in an office.

After all the work was done we did manage to have our Barbecue! 



All in all, it was a great Easter!

Today was fun too. I went with Josh’s class on a field trip. It was lots of fun! More on that tomorrow!


  1. Ah the food looks wonderful. I long for nice weather to grill in!

  2. It was such a beautiful weekend, huh!? LOVE those collages. And, now I'm hungry! :)

    Happy belated Easter, my friend! XO!


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