Monday, May 2, 2011

Enjoying Life

My busy week was followed by some reminders to enjoy the little things.

Josh went to a birthday party/slumber party at his friend Sean’s house. We’ve been friend’s with Sean’s family for years and I’m sure I’ve blogged about Sean and his younger brother Jackson before.

In 2009, Jackson was diagnosed with a brain tumor and lost his battle in August 2010. It was horrible. He was only 7.

I find myself thinking of Jackson at the strangest moments. There are some obvious times, like putting the boys to bed, playing with them – even yelling at them when they aren’t behaving – but he also comes to mind when I’m doing ordinary things like brushing my teeth, or grocery shopping. Sometimes I just can’t get Jackson or his family out of my head.  I take these as reminders that I need to cherish every moment with the boys because you never know what life will bring.
And this last week my sister lost a friend unexpectedly.  Another reminder that life is precious.
So this weekend, we spent some time together as a family.

On Friday Josh’s school had their annual carnival so while Rich was working, I took the boys to the carnival.  We had a great time! The boys played on the inflatables, and I even won a cake in the Cake Walk!
On Saturday, I had a Pampered Chef table at a fair and Josh had his slumber party, so Rich and I had a cookout when I got home.

Sunday we decided to go to the park and have a picnic. Just spend the day together as a family!
We played Cricket --
Had a picnic --

Played some Frisbee --
Rode scooters ---
Played Pooh Sticks ---
And just enjoyed being together!


I feel very lucky and very blessed to have three wonderful men in my life!

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  1. Looks like some pretty amazing family-moments! Great pictures Mimi!


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