Friday, May 6, 2011

Love Thursday: Mother’s Day Edition

Brought to you by Sam.

Sam has a field trip to a local park today at school (pictures sure to come) so yesterday he brought home the things he did at school for Mother’s Day.

He brought me this plant.  Or cup of dirt with a seed in it.


And all these pictures and cards and stories.


I love them! And I love the innocence of Kindergarteners.

The big pink one in the middle with the picture says, “I love my mom! She koocs the best macarowne and chees in the world. My mom is the best!” I’m assuming you can “translate” that for yourself!

The purple page that says, “All About My Mother” is my favorite. I’m going to share with you what he wrote, only I’ll clean up the spelling. I’ll underline his responses.

“Her name is Mimi Jenkins. She has blue eyes and her hair is brown. I think she weighs about 12 pounds. My mother is 43 years old. She is the prettiest when she sleeps. My mother is funniest when she tells jokes. My mother likes to read. She likes me to help her cook. When I am nice she gives me a chocolate bars. But if I am naughty she does nothing because I am not naughty. I like it best when my mom cooks cookies. I don’t like it when my mom cooks broccoli.”

There was a note from the teacher attached…

“For the name question Sam said, “I think Mimi Jenkins.” I said, “What do you mean ‘I think’?” and he said, “Well, it probably is, I just usually call her Mom.”

As you can tell, Sam is a character!

And I love every bit of him from his nice bits to his “not naughty” bits!


  1. LOVE!!! I found myself giggling at his responses. YAY SAM! Way to start your mother's day weekend off right!

  2. Oh my gosh, that is too cute!! I love that he thinks you weigh 12 pounds :)


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