Monday, May 16, 2011

This Weekend’s Concert…

I live in the BEST community.

I really do.

They have all sorts of free events for us.

Last weekend I Was Hip Hop. But to be fair, that was a “private” party – not put on by the HOA.

This weekend I was a little bit country.

Our community put on a free concert at our amphitheater this weekend. They had a local band called The Broken Road Band playing. LeeSa Biddy-Lyons is one of the lead singers and she’s a friend of mine!

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It was really great to get to see her perform with her band. They were sorta Country, but played a wide variety of songs.  I really hope the HOA decides to keep up the free concerts and has them come back. It was a really nice way to spend Saturday night as a family.

Since it was just here in my neighborhood the boys and I walked down. We had a mini-picnic listening to them.

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The boys are at such fun ages now! Sam ran off and played with friends. Josh stayed with us – excited to be at his first “real” concert! He did go run around for a while, but it was nice to spend time with him. 

Josh is getting to be so grown up. I can’t believe he’s 10 – before I know it he’ll be in High School, then driving, then off to college…

I know the time he spends “quality” time with us is coming to a close. .Soon, he won’t want to spend time with his parents anymore.

We’ll embarrass him just by being there (how much fun can we have with that one?).

Next weekend we are going camping with the Cub Scouts (weather permitting).

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