Monday, May 16, 2011

Yes, I Let Him Go to School Like This…

It was a bit cooler this morning than it has been lately. I told Sam he may need a long sleeved shirt and long pants.

He decided that shorts would be good enough but he wanted to wear a specific long sleeved shirt over the top.

The shirt he wanted used to be Josh’s shirt – I think I got it for $1 at a consignment sale ages ago! Josh called it his “Smart Shirt.”

Small language translation – in England if someone says you “look smart” they mean you look nice. So the “Smart Shirt” is the boys way of saying “Nice Shirt.”

What qualifies this $1 consignment sale find to be a “Smart Shirt?”

The collar and buttons of course.


And this shirt – both boys wore it for Kindergarten class pictures and Josh wore it for 1st & 2nd grade pictures too. I think I got my money’s worth!

And when you’re all dressed up, you need “one of those neck things that goes like this” (insert hand motions to tighten a tie).

I had an old Pampered Chef tie handy that my friend LeeSa gave me when she got out of selling Pampered Chef.

Put that all together, add in some Sammy Style and this is what you’ve got….


Oh, and he wanted to wear a watch – so here he is checking the time. He wanted to be sure the bus hadn’t come…


To quote Grandmother, “Somehow, he pulls it off.”


  1. Cute. I have been letting Z dress herself lately and it has been quite the adventure. Of course, she is only 3, but the imagination quotient is extremely high. This morning, she wore her witch's costume and her "Dorothy" shoes.

  2. OMG, he DOES pull it off! You're so great, not freaking out over the style choices! I approve, Sam!

  3. Love it! My son has this old, NASTY hoodie that he wants to wear EVERYWHERE. The thing barely fits him and it's been washed so many times that I'm convinced it could unravel at any moment. At first, it kinda bothered me when he wore it out... ya know, because people think we're either 1) homeless or 2) too busy spending money on ourselves to notice that our kid's clothing doesn't fit him. But now, whatever....

    Let them have their fun. And yes, he DOES pull it off nicely.

    Jackie @

  4. I hate to break this to you, but he might be a hipster! He is so adorable!


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